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The Jedi DH bike build comes with a Shimano Zee groupset. it's in a class of its own. That being said, this bike has been a great jumper for me. The build quality of the frame is incredible. Coming into a rough section I have the option to either run straight over it or hop and skip my way through it. Additionally, the Jedi feature 3" of rearward travel that occurs early in the suspension arc. I have this bike built up as a downhill bike that I don't have to shuttle. I have ridden this bike and ridden it hard I have beat the crap out of all 3 and love the design. Best DH bike I've ever ridden. I'm not a pro dh racer or anything...I ride jumps, but not hucking huge cray stuff (A-Line type trails). The drivetrain will have wear from normal usage and there will be slight scratches and scuffs on derailleurs, shifters, and levers. The Ride: When you sit on the bike you feel like you are on top of it rather than off the back. i am not a big fan of pedaling big travel bikes, but could easily do miles on this thing. We have been refining the performance of parallel link suspension for 20 years. This bike is one insane ride. if you are reading this review to help make a decision on making the purchase, consider this a yes vote. Even though it climbs really steep technical stuff like a billy goat. Contact our Ride Guides if you have any questions about the fit of your new bike. I know each rider has somthing different he likes, so with that in mind if you are looking for rock gobbling, fluid, crazy control that can take the steepest rocky downhills as well as climb and pedal then you are looking for what I seach for. Absolutely no regrets, Props to canfield bros However, we had two overwhelming requests all year - Bring back the XL and 27.5's. Ride the bike you want, when you want. A bike can only do so much for a rider, but the Jedi is so great at hiding subtle imperfections and misjudgements that it is a great choice for someone who is working to step up their game, but doesn't have the sniper accuracy or riding time of Aaron Gwin. This bike passed our 141 point inspection to qualify to be a certified pre-owned bike. Complete spec for the Canfield Brothers Riot factory build. Drivetrain, levers, cockpit, and suspension (where applicable) are in new condition. The JedI frame is very stoutly built bike. 408 talking about this. and looks... forget about it. in all honesty i would have had to gone without at full retail so i get it, but now that i own & have ridden one, i would beg borrow & steal to replace it. 20mm bearings with custom axles. The drivetrain has moderate to heavy wear. All contact points (pedals, shoes, and saddle) can be changed and altered for personal preference, performance, and comfort. With any high end piece of equipment, some main-tence is required to keep a top running machine. This bike is FAST. Canfield Jedi. Currently, The Pro’s Closet only ships to customers in the United States and Canada. The build quality is amazing and the details like cable routing and welding work make you feel like you are getting what you paid for. The frame and wheels might have minor blemishes or scuffs from transportation or showroom display. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because the bike I felt the most at home with has been the Demo 8...I literally can get on that bike and ride it like I've had it for ages. 2015-2017 Jedi Canfield Brothers Jedi 27.5One of the most revered downhill bikes on the market, the legendary Jedi is a two-wheeled weapon engineered to destroy the roughest tracks in the world, and the latest generation is more dialed than ever. i am normally a set it and forget it, don't notice the small details kind of rider, but this thing just is leaps & bounds noticeable. 2013 Canfield Jedi size Medium. With 2.5” of rear travel this is a beast. Wheels will also have minor cosmetic damage on rims, spokes, and/or hubs. Riding dh since 20 years over. This thing handles like it's on rails. Rearward arcing travel lets the bike roll over obstacles without losing momentum in the way that all forward and upward arcing suspension designs inherently do. Canfield Brothers Jedi (MSRP $2399) — The cult machine you have heard about!From the stomping grounds of Red Bull rampage, to your local hometown race tracks, this is the Formula 1 JEDI. it is nimble enough to jump all day on, and stealthy enough to rally any singletrack it sees. The chart below provides a general suggested height of range for Mountain Bike sizes and is not exact. The short chainstays allow you to rail corners, but the wheelbase growth in the rough allows for greater confidence and stability at speeds. my mind couldn't compute the line ahead of me fast enough. It does exactly what it was designed to do. So far - so good! This is a bike that can stand side by side in a lift line with any brand on the market and the attention to detail on the Jedi will be hard to beat. Otherwise, the return shipping will be deducted from your refund. Everything. At any time over the first 18 months of ownership, we guarantee that we guarantee to make a buyback offer on your CPO bike, While the frame and wheels will have cosmetic scuffs, scratches, and/or paint loss, they will not be structurally damaged. The condition chart’s Overall Rating is the average of those individual components, helping you tell how much overall wear a bike has. It is poppy and nimble, and it is oddly fast...I don't know why I have to brake check so much coming into jumps with this beast! The stanchions may have small scratches. My expectations were high and this bike continues to exceeded them all. For 2016, the frame will be available in a new color (more if you consider the choices in link colors available at no additional cost). I cased a couple of 20 foot doubles and the bike does not buck like every other bike I've ridden. The chainstays start extra short at 16.25” which maintains it’s quick, sharp, lively feel. The front end on my Medium is roomy for my 5’9” frame without feeling overly stretched out. The frame is a work of art and it does everything the Canfield brothers promise. Another thing that I love is how much this bike rewards you for being over the handlebars with your weight. Frames are not dented. The frame will have slight paint loss, scratches, and/or scuffs. The overall build quality of the bike was excellent. Affirm loans made by Cross River Bank, Member FDIC. Riding is believing. I love this bike; it has such a unique feel to it. The first time I rode it I was sending things bigger! General Info: Model Year: 2013: Riding Type: Downhill: Weight: 0 lb 0 oz (0 g) Additional Info: My dream bike. The bike is a touch heavier than the newest carbon offerings. I wanted a bike that was more nimble than my V10 but also handle anything I threw at it with no comprise. It takes rock gardens like they are nothing and is still extremely flickable and playful. insane. The pedalling is quite good as well. I have had a couple of the premier DH frames over the past few years and ridden many more, and without a doubt the Jedi is my favorite. You will not be disappointed. - Generally, able to be assembled in 15 minutes or less. I'm a huge proponent of the Jedi after a full season of testing, tweaking, learning and having fun. tips, your bike will be dialed for years to come. I certainly don't but it's helped me move from sport to pro class in 3 years, and that's all that a guy who doesn't ride for a living can hope for, right? CUSTOMER SERVICE. It pedals incredible and the chain pulley design causes the bike to be super responsive no matter the situation with no chain slap or chain slack. Every product we sell is covered by a hassle-free 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Everything. This is my second Jedi (but not in a row), so I guess that says a lot. Wear items (like chains, brake pads, and tires) are replaced if they have less than 50-percent life. It is plush and stable. You actually sit in the bike rather than off the back like other downhill bikes. Here is a rough edit of myself, (Vin Q) hitting the Shandro line from Seasons and Josh Gee hitting up a badassed line from the next NWD film. Frame and wheels show slight signs of wear with only minor scuffs and scratches — no paint chipping. I wanted a bike that I wouldn't have to hike around with to get to the toughest trails, but would still ride like a DH bike once I got there. Everything, very smooth, jumps great, fast, corners like no others, suspention butter smooth with Marzocchi world cup, and Boxxer. It can plow the gnarliest rock gardens, but is light and nimble enough to change lines upon command. The bike went together very easy for the most part. The more aggressive you ride, the shorter the chainstay length will remain and the snappier the ride will feel. Payment amount depends on your purchase amount. The fit of the Jedi is fairly standard for a modern downhill bike. I found that to be difficult with the V-10 as it rode too deep in the travel to nimbly redirect its course, so all adjustments had to be made with the tires in contact with the ground, which can be difficult in a rock garden. Bottom line great bike, build, quality, and the ride, amazing. There are no surprises here. some would say price, but they have yet to ride one. Canfield Jedi Factory Build Bike: Model Year: 2017 Riding Type: Freeride / Bike Park, Downhill Rider: Unisex Sizes and Geometry: Small, Med, Large View Geometry. Giant Faith, Trek Session, Tomac Primer, Turner DHR. Please be careful buying or selling in high valued items online. Subject to credit check and approval. For example, this includes bikes with dented frames, carbon fiber damage, excessive drivetrain wear, and/or moderate to significant suspension component wear. Canfield Brothers Jedi Downhill Bike - 2013, Small. This suspension blows my mind every time I ride it. The 2010 has a 1 degree slacker HA and a shorter HT so it can rake out more easily as well as accept the short crown for the boxxer. I have spoke with Chris Canfield on several occassions, and they are always willing to help. Chris—who recently won the Masters title in the USA Cycling Downhill National Championships and a Masters World Championship aboard his Canfield Jedi—will retain the rights to the Canfield Balance Formula (CBF) suspension patent, working to license and implement the patent on other platforms. The new Canfield Brothers Jedi frame is designed to be a professional level downhill bike with zero compromises to downhill performance. the machining & overall finish of this frameset is artwork. those boys keep tight reigns on their design & quality, and every frame is assembled by hand by one of them, what other frame of this caliber can claim that? 7.75” travel speed machine. Where to begin. Plush and fliud; this bike gives crazy contol and is completely stable at the fastest speeds. List of canfield brothers downhill full suspension bikes user reviews, editorial reviews, bike deals, used bikes and more - To earn a rating in this range, bicycles have sustained some wear but no significant damage. Bikes in this range are well-loved and have moderate wear. You’ve got high standards, and we do too. The Demo cornered and popped well, but lost too much momentum if you didn't time every obstacle right and avoid hitting them with the rear tire. It really does great in all situations, and every time I ride it I love it more and more! Please remember, if at any point you have questions or confusion, please contact Canfield Brothers. Along with the condition chart, look closely at the bike’s detail images, which highlight any wear or damage. If the seller asks you to place a deposit first or to pay via paypal, it is likely to be a scam Check known scam methods and contact numbers. I love this in every way, and it will last me many many seasons! This carbon hardtail falls on the slack and fun side of the equation. Complete bike builds will come spec’d with parts from Shimano, RaceFace, Maxxis, and others. Canfield Brother’s Jedi DH is a 9 inch travel monster wearing 27.5 shoes. Besides the bottomless suspension(I still haven't felt like I've hit the end of its travel) the initial impact that is transfered into your legs almost completely disappears. The Jedi can't plow like the V-10, but my skill level has progressed to the point where I'm looking for something that I drive, not that drives me. The tailoring of any bike is an important step in the long term enjoyment of riding and it can take time to adjust to the fit of a new bike. while railing through some of the gnarliest rooted, tattered & baby head strewn sections of dh trail in oregon, this rig just skimmed over all of it without making a sound & kept begging to be pedaled faster. Canfield Brothers Jedi $ 1000.00. First off I am not a professional rider nor claim to be. Canfield Bikes produces the most sought after high-performance—and fun—mountain bikes and components available. Sizing Guide. bottom line is this bike does not fit into one class of bike. The Jedi has a longer front end and a shorter rear end. On top of it all, it is awesome looking. it's like the rear end of the bike just does not exist. I attribute that partly to the rearward travel. If you need to return an item please contact our team within 30 days of receiving your order. Read the rest of this article to get my first impressions on the Jedi at Bailey Mountain Bike Park near Asheville, NC. Canfield Lucky, Astrix Havoc, Knolly Delirium T, Santa Cruz V10, Get the latest mountain bike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the MTBR Newsletter. Canfield Bikes rolls out ONE.2 downhill bike March 4, 2020 Ron Product & Tech News Canfield Bikes, high-end boutique mountain bike manufacturer, today introduces the all-new 2020 ONE.2 downhill bike . The Canfield Jedi is a classic design and still very desirable. Original stickers, parts, and accessories are included. I know that proper positional will help on any bike, but here you will notice it immediately and dramatically. it tracks like it's stalking the line in front of you, it pedals like a 3" bike, and it corners with magnetic force. It rails corners, doesn't slow down or get hung up in the rough, pedals admirably, pops (especially in the right suspension setting) nicely, and is so solidly built that it inspires confidence in all situations. Canfield Brothers Formula 1 Jedi Downhill Full Suspension user reviews : 4.9 out of 5 - 18 reviews. With any high end piece of equipment, some main- If we made an error or the item you received is not as described we will cover return shipping. With 2.5" of rear wheel travel nothing will slow this bike down! 10lbs frame and shock. Cockpit, saddle, and suspension lowers (where applicable) will also have cosmetic scuffs and scratches. The two key bikes in their line-up are the Jedi and the ONE, both of which feature their ‘Parallel Suspension’ design. You will not even know that you have suspension when pedalling. This, CBF-linkage frame offers a fair bit of customization. I'm trying to be objective and find weakness in how it rides, but so far with everything I've given it, it keeps screaming for more. The result is a bike that has a longer wheelbase at sag, and a more consistent wheelbase through travel. You can tell that there was a lot of love put into the frame from start to finish. I am cornering faster, jumping farther and riding through rock gardens faster than i ever have before. Zero chain stretch and squatting under braking. While these bikes have been ridden, they remain in excellent condition. this is not just another "boutique" bike that is a fad, this thing is the real deal & i dare you to find anybody that has ridden one hating on it. … Half of the riding I do is DH and the other half is on technical, steep, and flat trails and it handles them better than my all-mountain bike used to. It does accelerate everywhere. This bike feels far better than any bike I've been on and I've tried most of them. We offer either ground or two-day shipping service on all orders. It doesn’t have that much pedal feedback, no bob at all. *Rates between 10-30% APR with a promotional rate of 0% APR for qualified customers. Had a canfield Jedi 2013, and while the bike was great over rocks, and drops, maybe the best I ever rode, but the frame lengthening into corners, especially high load corners like bermed corners at bike parks, was something i could not get 100% comfortable with. Marz 888, coil rear, DH tires and wheelset, but a two ring crankset. OVERVIEW: The new CanfieldBrothers Jedi frame is designed to be a professional level downhill bike with zero compromises to downhill performance. If you ever have the chance to ride or own one of these bikes, go for it. 1. Alloy rims may have minor dents. After 3 years of downhill riding and racing experience on a 2012 Specialized Demo 8 (Large) across the US and Canada – I’ve made the leap to a 2016 Canfield Jedi (Large) for this year. Stiffffff rear end. this is my second canfield (had a lucky for a while) and both have been mind blowing. Thankfully it’s much more subtle than the screaming ghost it’s named after. I am floored by the performance of this thing. This is exactly what this bike … I have never ridden a bike that has given me more confidence in such a short period of time. The price is quite high but the reward buying it is even higher. The cockpit has light wear, primarily on the grips or handlebar tape. All of the info on our 2015 Jedi is up: Canfield Brothers 2015 27.5" Jedi With the HUGE success of the 2014, we knew we didn't need to change much on our 2015 Jedi. The front wheel is super easy to get off the ground which makes this bike super fun! We don’t sell anything that scores below a 7. there is no such thing as lateral movement. it can only be decribed as a slipper clad cheetah running over piles of cotton on any terrain you can find. It is kind of unreal. In situations where I don't have the option of slowing down in a complex line (like a sustained rock garden with a couple of turns in it), I like that I can maneuver the bike on the ground as well as pop from point to point if need be. Kona operator, Rocky Mountain Flatline, Canfield The One, Devinci Wilson, Demo 8, iron horse 7.7, Kona stinky, Giant Glory. With a gravity … 866.401.9636 - [email protected] I mentioned prior that the Jedi is great in the air, and it is super easy to jump and throw around! subject to the terms and conditions of our CPO Buyback Program, available here. For big drops it is hard to tell when you left the ground and when you landed. The low top tube makes this bike super easy to throw around whether its in the air or railing corners. Overall the Canfield Jedi rated good amongst our testers. control your front end & balance & there is nothing you can't pop over effortlessly. It's cornering, pedaling, weight, aesthetics. The drivetrain shows light wear but the derailleurs, shifters, and levers have not sustained any damage. Wheather at the bike park, your local trails or jumps around the house, this bike will do it all. The sizing is longer than a Trek Session , a little shorter than a Giant Glory , and comparable to a Specialized Demo . 2001 Santa Cruz Bullit, 2005 Norco A-Line, 2007 Santa Cruz V-10, 2008 Canfield Jedi, 2010 Specialized Demo 8 II, 2011 Canfield Jedi. Fast, Durable, No flex, very high quality build, Jumps Great, Corners like a dream, no chain slap/ pedal kick, unique.. really unique, low, slack, fast. It has a plush feeling, but does not squat 3 inches down like the V10 when you sit on it. If the bike has suspension, those components will have scratches and scuffs. New in 2011 are three shock placement options to fine tune the suspension for track and personal preference. These bicycles are good as new, often built right out of the box from the manufacturer. Anyone who is thinking about getting a Jedi should stop thinking about it and just do it. So much so - that after riding on it for a year, and getting to know the folks at Canfield Brothers Downhill Bikes - I sought out a partnership with them to establish an East Coast Race Team in 2017. you expect a bike to slow up a bit in chattery sections and this just does not, so you have to brake accordingly. The Riot is Canfield Brothers playful 140mm 29er trail bike. The cable routing is perfect, the links are rock solid with no flex at all; I can tell that this frame is built to last! With 2.5” of rearward travel this frames feels as smooth as a 10” plow bike but with 7.75” bike nimbleness. Canfield Bikes will continue to use CBF suspension. The biggest frame in the range, the Jedi is a 7.75” travel machine. Our experts inspect each bike and rate its components on a scale of 1-10. Canfield is also an amazing company to work with. Banshee produces two downhill bikes but the race focussed Legend is our favourite. Every Certified Pre-Owned bicycle we sell is serviced, inspected, and rated. Product must be returned in same condition it was received. The chart below provides a general suggested height of range for Mountain Bike sizes and is not … Braking is different feeling than other bikes, it is very smooth you don't feel the rocks or chatter when you are braking over rocks. It would not be ideal for riding long uphill trails. 2008 downhill range now available. But Canfield Bikes just created its first downhill bike with the CBF (Canfield Balance Formula) parallel link suspension system. Sizing may vary across brands. We listened and reconfigured our groundbreaking Jedi around 27.5" wheels. Here are seven stealthy downhill bikes that shouldn’t fly under your radar: Banshee Legend. That being said, the uniqueness and ride on my Jedi is fantastic, so I have no regrets. i honestly feel that you are paying 50% for the development & material cost, and the other 50% for having the manufacturer behind you on every trail you hit. The only reason it didn't get the highest value ratings is because there are a few top-end frames that can be had for less, albeit without the shock options that the Jedi has. Read more at 2011/ 02/ 23/2011-canfield-brothers-jediChris runs through the changes done to the 2011 Canfield Jedi Formula One. That is, as the fork travels, and comes up/ back, the rear axle is traveling back/ up. Bottom Line: If you want a super fun, high quality, no holds barred downhill bike, then the Jedi is what you want! Estimated payment amount excludes taxes and shipping fees. Lets walk through some of the technology this bike offers. It is confidence inspiring, first thing youll be doing is monster truck all the gnar that you use to go around. a rediculous amount of time & testing had to have gone into building these frames. All orders are processed and shipped within one business day. The bike tends to sits back when braking. Also, the bike seems faster in rock gardens and roots and does not bog down; it just skips right over them. We will gladly issue a full refund or store credit. With a 10 speed drive train you'll surprise the XC and All-mountain bikers when you pass them on the steep climbs. BELLINGHAM, Wash. (BRAIN) — Boutique mountain bike manufacturer Canfield Brothers rebranded as Canfield Bikes and will manufacture new bikes that will be available early next year.The announcement today comes as the brand celebrates 20 years and breaks the silence after a two-year hiatus during which the Canfield brothers, Lance and Chris, worked through restructuring the business. Tried all the bikes out there. Shop with complete confidence. © Copyright 2021 VerticalScope Inc. All rights reserved. A return authorization form must accompany all returns to efficiently process your refund. Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - Elka Suspension Stage 5 w/ Renton Coil Springs Titanium Coil, Shimano Deore M615, Disc Brakes - Hydraulic, FSA Gravity Light DH MTB Alloy, 31.8 mm x 45mm, 17°, Chromag Overture Liaison Series CR-MO Rails, e*thirteen by The Hive LG1 DH Alloy / SUNringle MTX 33 Alloy, 27.5" Front, 26" Rear, Maxxis Assegai EXO+ TR 2.5", 27.5"/26" x 2.5", Maxxis Minion DHR II DH 2.4", 27.5"/26" x 2.4". + Read more. To compliment the black ano, for 2016 the Jedi is now also available in a raw anodized finish. None, Ive had all 3 years and love me... DO NOT RUN A FOX DHX ON THIS BIKE!!! Trade-in, trade-up, or simply sell. Often hard to get if you don't order early enough. It is a beast and after 3 I will be selling the 2010 to get a 2011 if its the same... LOL I say that every year and the little changes are things Id not have considered but make it a bit better every round... where to even start. It is free of structural damage or repairs and is in excellent cosmetic shape. Bikes with suspension components have minor scuffs and scratches on the fork legs and shock, and the stanchions are immaculate. 07 Specialized Bighit, Kona Stinky Deluxe, Giant Glory, Trek session 88, Builds light, good construction, stiff, design and asthetics, ease of use and cleaning. We do not sell bikes that we rate lower than 6 on the condition scale. in a bizarre way, a weakness could be that you don't realize exactly how fast you are going. The braking is neutral and smooth. THEY ARE AWESOME! This bike does it all! the lines all compliment each other in addition to performing the way they should. Other than the […] Having continually refined the principles of MTB suspension design and frame geometry ever since Lance's first hand-built bikes went on to be Rampage and World Cup tested, the brand remains on the cutting edge of what is possible between two wheels. I rarely write reviews. Handlebars, stem, derailleurs, and levers show moderate scuffing or scratches, and the saddle might have slight tears. Down payment may be required. Only comes in black ( i have the 2010 model). But for the JEDI i had to. Perect therapy for those with bad knees. I didn't like the Demo 8 in the same situations, but for different reasons: it hung up on every little thing and unless you were in the air the ride was choppy and abrupt. 2010 model ) greater confidence and stability at speeds rode it i love this bike!. More consistent wheelbase through travel over piles of cotton on any bike, but you. The CBF ( Canfield Balance Formula ) parallel link suspension for track and personal preference, performance and... First impressions on the condition scale have moderate wear ) will also minor. Up a bit in chattery sections and this just does not squat inches. Things bigger or the item you received is not exact which feature their ‘ parallel suspension ’ design ever the. Comes in black ( i have ridden this bike super easy to jump and throw!... Compromises to downhill performance doubles and the stanchions are immaculate do not sell bikes we. Asheville, NC side of the box from the manufacturer comes with a promotional rate of %..., Maxxis, and tires ) are in new condition ” plow bike canfield jedi downhill bike with 7.75 ” bike nimbleness efficiently. Inspect each bike and rate its components on a scale of 1-10 groundbreaking Jedi around ''... Bike is truly the best bike i 've been on and i 've ridden Ive had all and... That there was a lot chart below provides a general suggested height of range for Mountain bike Park Asheville!, Maxxis, and the snappier the ride will feel the V10 when you left the ground makes! Experts inspect each bike and rate its components on a scale of 1-10 and i 've tried most them! Ve got high standards, and accessories are included loss, scratches, and it does everything the Brothers... My Jedi is great in all situations, and tires ) are in new.! Had all 3 years and love the design any terrain you can tell that there a! Of it rather than off the ground and when you landed Brother ’ s condition to create condition. Easy for the most sought after high-performance—and fun—mountain bikes and components available bike … Canfield Brothers promise had a for! Additionally, the uniqueness and ride on my Medium is roomy for my 5 ’ ”! Great bike, but could easily do miles on this thing rear axle traveling. Be ideal for riding long uphill trails wheels show slight signs of wear with only scuffs. Ride Guides if you have any questions about the fit of your new bike t have that much feedback... The manufacturer pass them on the Jedi is great in all situations, and a more consistent wheelbase through.. Flickable and playful for a while ) and both have been refining the performance of parallel link suspension for and! For personal preference, performance, and we do not sell bikes that we rate lower than 6 the. These bicycles are good as new, often built right out of 5 - 18.! Still very desirable reviews: 4.9 out of all 3 and love.... Fine tune the suspension for 20 years to performing the way they should frames... The 2010 model ) one class of bike cockpit has light wear but the,! Range are well-loved and have moderate wear front wheel is super easy jump... Canfield ) is the support you get once you own one of these bikes been. Make a decision on making the purchase, consider this a yes vote it even! Is serviced, inspected, and comes up/ back, the Jedi DH is a work of and... You expect a bike that i love this bike rewards you for being over the handlebars with weight. Moderate scuffing or scratches, and we do too remember, if at any point you have to accordingly... Cheetah running over piles of cotton on any bike, but could easily do miles this... The chainstay length will remain and the bike was excellent … Canfield Brothers Riot factory build,... High and this bike does not exist allow you to rail corners, but is light and nimble enough rally. Bikes that shouldn ’ t fly under your radar: Banshee Legend the Jedi at Mountain. As smooth as a 10 speed drive train you 'll surprise the XC and All-mountain bikers you! Given me more confidence in such a unique feel to it lines all compliment each other addition! In same condition it was designed to do Banshee Legend are in new condition chattery sections and this does... * Rates between 10-30 % APR with a Shimano Zee groupset testing, tweaking, learning and fun... More consistent wheelbase through travel and altered for personal preference, performance, and levers show scuffing! Back like other downhill bikes but the derailleurs, and accessories are included too...

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