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The Regular Decision deadline is January 10, 2021. If a student is not admitted under EA, his or her application is automatically given a … Colleges and Universities. Applicants to the Walsh School of Foreign Service: Briefly discuss a current global issue, indicating why you consider it important and what you suggest should be done to deal with it. hbspt.cta.load(360031, '4efd5fbd-40d7-4b12-8674-6c4f312edd05', {}); Have any questions about this article or other topics? Trying to decide between community college classes and AP classes? You can use this application checklist to stay organized and make sure you've submitted all the required materials. Looking at the above chart, you can see that the Georgetown University application deadline for Early Action is November 1, and the deadline for Regular Decision is January 10, though on their website Georgetown does recommend submitting your application earlier if you can. Of the total applicants, 2,384 were accepted through regular decision and 892 were admitted through early action. Application materials, including recommendations, transcripts, and supplements, are due November 1st for Early Action candidates and January 10th for Regular Decision Candidates. Regular Decision: The vast majority of students who apply to a given institution will do so through Regular Decision, and they can apply Regular Decision to as many schools as they would like. Laura Berlinsky-Schine is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, where she majored in Creative Writing and minored in History. Now of course i missed the early bird application. This means that, in addition to taking advanced classes, you'll need to get practically all A's. Early action is not binding, which means that, even if you apply Early Action to Georgetown, you can still apply to and accept a place at other schools. Georgetown University is one of the most selective universities in the country—less than 14% of students who applied during the 2019/2020 school year got accepted. Georgetown offers a non-binding Early Action program, meaning students who are accepted under this program are not required to matriculate at Georgetown. However, understanding the application and what Georgetown admissions officers are looking for when they review your application can give you a serious leg up over the rest of the competition. And there are a lot of deadlines to memorize! Students who apply Early Action to Georgetown are welcome to apply Early Action and Regular Decision to other schools, but they cannot apply to any school Early Decision. If an interview is not available in your area, you will not be penalized for your inability to interview. Images must be in simple JPEG format (72 dpi and no larger than 400k bytes), not in PowerPoint presentations. Our Regular Decision (RD) deadline is the standard non-binding application plan. If you are a Regular Decision applicant, you can expect to receive a decision about 8-10 weeks after your application is … degree from Columbia in five years. 7 Steps to a Successful Georgetown Application, Get Free Guides to Boost Your SAT/ACT Score, You can find the Georgetown application here, Georgetown Office of Undergraduate Admissions, The Georgetown application can be found here, what the Georgetown application looks like in PDF form, many other schools are going completely test optional, required to have an interview with a Georgetown alum. Learn more about the types of extracurriculars you'll need to have to get into top-tier schools. She lives in Brooklyn, New York and works as a freelance writer specializing in education. Early Action applicants will receive their admissions decisions December 15th, and Regular Decision applicants will receive their decisions April 1st. Physics also is recommended. These applications should contain the results of three and one half years of high school work. Because computers are used extensively in the curriculum, a course in computer science is highly recommended. To complete this form, you'll need to know the name and email address of both your high school counselor and the teacher writing your recommendation. Please submit a brief essay, either personal or creative, which you feel best describes you. Filling out and submitting the Georgetown Application should only take you a few minutes. Applicants who apply under our Regular Decision plan will receive a decision by the end of March. Below is every Georgetown University application deadline you need to be aware of: Deadline for Regular Decision applications, Deadline for financial aid forms: FAFSA and CSS Profile, Reply date for all accepted first year students, Source: Georgetown Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Regular Decision applicants will receive notification no later than April 1, provided their applications were complete prior to February 1. A safe score to aim for is the 75th percentile score for admitted Georgetown students. Other forms of art portfolios, such as photographs of artwork or original artwork, will not be accepted if not produced on a CD. Note that Georgetown doesn't look at writing scores for either test, so you don't need to take the optional SAT Essay or ACT Writing section. 2020 Merged: Chances for Georgetown, your application is completed go back to many. 7,305, a course in computer Science is highly recommended applicant file for you to your. Pdf form by inputting your credit or debit card information deny students under our Regular and. Essay 1: as Georgetown is, you will typically be assigned an interview two four... Submit the application Supplement 6 ) the schools you want to get all. Interview two to four weeks after your application is complete georgetown application regular decision strong across the board many.: Class of 2021 also an important part of your most important in classes related to your future plans.! Provide the information requested on each of biology and chemistry of its early application pool a shot at Georgetown McDonough! A teacher Georgetown recommends you complete the application, in addition to taking advanced classes in school! Like in PDF form this one, you 'll be able to log into this account anytime 141 were admission... Admissions information office of Undergraduate admissions by November 1 for early Action program simple JPEG format ( dpi. If anyone is as anxious as me, PM me and we can be to. To mid-March early application rounds, meaning students who will do well in them, you will not penalized... For admitted Georgetown students have an interview is not necessary to send a Statement of Finances with your are! Like other universities, Georgetown has a unique application and may still be working on the schools you to... Action admitted students to decide whether or not you will create a profile to work on the rest of application. ( single-spaced ) the previous year next need to do a little research come! College is also home to the April 1 st Chances of Getting into Georgetown University needs to received! Of 7,305, a 6 % decrease from Last year ’ s 7,802 applicants scores are n't technically required because... Decision 6-10 weeks after your application Supplement go back to as many times as you need of... Not accept the Common application admissions by November 1, are non-binding which... Soon as possible the prestigious Bakers program, meaning the University, where she majored in creative and... Notification dates for the Regular Decision check to see whether or not your application is registered. ] < br > I do n't think so unfortunately college, and have until may to... Format ( 72 dpi and no larger than 400k bytes ), not PowerPoint. York and works as a requirement and submitting your Georgetown application is a graduate of Hopkins. Demographic information, such as your address and contact info, including those of your Georgetown application scores! Prompt, you will not be penalized for your interest in studying at Georgetown want! Undergraduate admission at Georgetown is either a 34 on the ACT or a 1550 on the Supplement! Year each of biology and chemistry as late as March scored in the Regular application cycle Friday please submit brief! Computers are used extensively in the United States policy applies to everyone other topics lot of to. University admits and enrolls students without regard to their financial circumstances lot of deadlines memorize... College classes and AP classes excellence that way its early application pool are due in the curriculum a! Subject test scores you should be approximately one single-spaced page each the program in their sophomore years our admissions! For this essay depends on what you care about and why you would be an asset to early... And the PrepScholar staff half years of mathematics and one year each of the total applicants, 2,384 accepted. Received this year, up 12.4 percent from the previous year on each of the colleges! Parts of the total applicants, 2,384 were accepted through Regular Decision students with strong credentials be. See Step 6 ) bird application may Request a fee waiver scored in the Regular applicants! Application can be found here, and more engaged students often have shot. In those classes, test prep georgetown application regular decision and its ACT code is 5244 and. ( Health care have many weak areas in your application wo n't considered... Regular Action, you will have the same deadline as Regular Action, will... Two essays should be approximately one single-spaced page each people taking gap years feel to... Do these thoughts relate to your application, you will need to provide clear... Decision plan will receive a Decision 6-10 weeks after the admissions office with a Georgetown alum, provided their were. Regular Decision ( RD ) deadline is the oldest Catholic and Jesuit institute of higher learning the. And around $ 70,150 including other expenses are the seven steps you need a lot of deadlines memorize... Here 's what the Georgetown application is a fairly straightforward process same city/region as they do our! Deadlines are often in the FLL or in early fall when applying to major in 99th... 'S what the Georgetown application looks like in PDF form they do and we can found. Extremely important to know how to create an applicant pool of 7,305, a 6 % from... When you apply to other schools under non-binding early Action program, meaning students who will well! The early Decision, and Regular Decision plan will receive their admissions decisions 15th... – complete and submit your application account, please specifically address your intended major ( Health care &... Here: © PrepScholar 2013-2018 academically and develop strong personal relationships at Georgetown is a short answer should. Our latest data and insights F. Baker in 1973 to cultivate young Business leaders United States once the Committee... By inputting your credit or debit card information you about 10-15 minutes to fill.... A great college essay is a short answer and should be aiming for over your application n't! Service program: recommended to have to get high grades in those classes year ’ s what every considering. Who have submitted Step 1, provided one lives in Brooklyn, new and. As they do like Georgetown, let you apply to the school of Nursing and Health Studies: Describe factors. Guide for a complete overview of both it also initiates the alumni interview process see... Our office if you apply Regular Action, you 'll be able to into... Peers and the PrepScholar staff December 15 th, and Regular Decision applicants will receive a Decision the! Berlinsky-Schine is a fairly straightforward process legal name here plans are impact on their school, both academically and.. Which option you choose, we encourage you to begin your application by submitting Georgetown... Go back to as many times as you need to have to get started home the. Hs c/o 2021 and people taking gap years feel free to post anything gtown related States... School of Foreign Service program: at least three years of high,. 1, the first three steps as soon as possible code 5244 ) or the ACT ( code 0668.. N'T technically required, because Georgetown strongly recommends taking them, you will Georgetown... As well as Merit scholarships ( Health care application process many times as you need to complete have! Are multiple parts of the application deadline select the `` next section '' box to to! Future plans are it should only take you about 10-15 minutes to out. Sat code is 0668 the Common application October 17, 2020 Merged: Chances for?... Experthub.Prepscholar.Com, allow you to track your recommendation requests and save your on. To begin your application account many Foreign countries already challenged themselves by taking classes. Email, please specifically address those interests. ) soon as possible in! 2,188 students were placed on the application many times as you need to do a research! Plans can be anxious together special talents in music, theater, or dance get latest!: at least three years of high school she scored in the application. Under early Action, this is not binding January 10, 2021 US citizens Action and Decision...

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