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Photo supplied by Go North West It’s time to squirt and go! History. Join the club! Go North West was incorporated in 2019, and is part of the Go-Ahead Group of companies. Page (still) under construction. Go North West (GNW), part of the Go-Ahead Group and formed to take over the former First Manchester depot in Cheetham Hill north of the city centre, commenced services on Sunday 2 June. (15 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Nash's (15 Nov 2020)(incomplete) National Express (coaches) (11 Jan 2021)(incomplete) NBM (02 Jan 2020)(incomplete) NCP (26 Mar 2020)(incomplete) New Bharat Coaches (01 Aug 2020)(incomplete) New Punjab Coaches (10 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Newtons Coaches (15 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Nexus Move (30 Dec 2020)(incomplete) NIBS Buses (07 Nov 2020)(incomplete) North East Coach Travel (19 Dec 2020)(incomplete) North East Coachways (07 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Nottingham Coaches (05 Jul 2020)(incomplete) Nottingham Minibuses & Coaches (28 Sep 2020)(incomplete) Nottinghamshire County Council (06 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Nova Tours (26 Sep 2019)(incomplete) NovaBussing (30 Jul 2020)(incomplete) Oakley's (12 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Oare's of Holywell (29 Jan 2020)(incomplete) Odyssey Coach Sales (dealer) (10 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Olympia Travel (07 Feb 2020)(incomplete) Orbit Coaches (15 Jan 2021)(incomplete) OTS (13 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Owen's Coaches (Oswestry) (12 Jan 2021)(incomplete) D. P. Owens (09 Feb 2020)(incomplete) P.G. Halton - 12th February 2017. Stagecoach Merseyside and South Lancashire. A new Manchester livery with orange, silver, and yellow stripes is also being intoduced. 1 – We opened a new store in Llangollen In February, we open a new store at Mile End.... More 2020 – Go Kayaking Highlights! Over time, I plan to increase the level of user-editability, although at present I'm concentrating on adding data. The sale, which is worth a reported £12m, is due to complete in the next few months, and will take Go-Ahead into Manchester, Britain’s second-largest urban area, for the first time. Join the Go North West mailing list. This page contains miscellaneous unofficial lists of buses in Great Britain. Ex First Greater Manchester 37367 - Route 135 branded, Ex First Greater Manchester 37368 - Route 135 branded, Ex First Greater Manchester 37369 - Route 135 branded, Ex First Greater Manchester 37370 - Route 135 branded, Ex First Greater Manchester 37372 - Route 135 branded, Ex First Greater Manchester 37373 - Route 135 branded, Ex First Greater Manchester 37374 - Route 135 branded, Ex First Greater Manchester 37375 - Route 135 branded, Ex Plymouth Citybus 107 - Named 'Ray Stenning', Ex First Greater Manchester - Awaiting decision. If the combined list you wanted to view isn't listed here, you can specify your own combined list by changing the URL in the address bar. Cresswell (11 Jan 2021)(incomplete) CT Plus (Yorkshire) (14 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Cymru Coaches (31 Dec 2020)(incomplete) D W Coaches (28 Oct 2020)(incomplete) D&E Coaches (05 Nov 2020)(incomplete) Daish's Holidays (27 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Dales & District / Procters (31 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Dartline (07 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Dekkabus (18 Oct 2020)(incomplete) Deveron Coaches (14 Sep 2020)(incomplete) Dewhirst (24 Oct 2020)(incomplete) Dews (05 Nov 2020)(incomplete) Dhillon of London (21 Jul 2020)(incomplete) Dilwyn's Coaches (15 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Discount Travel (31 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Docherty's Midland Coaches (11 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Dodsworths (07 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Doig's of Glasgow (04 Oct 2020)(incomplete) Dovers (29 Apr 2020)(incomplete) Dreamline Travel (07 Mar 2020)(incomplete) Drew Wilson Coach Sales (dealer) (27 Dec 2020)(incomplete) DRM (04 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Dunwood Travel (26 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Durham City Coaches (26 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Eagles & Crawford (08 Aug 2020)(incomplete) Eavesway (07 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Eazibus (19 Sep 2020)(incomplete) Ebley Coaches (24 Jul 2020)(incomplete) The Eden (25 Sep 2020)(incomplete) Edwards Bros. (Tiers Cross) (17 Sep 2020)(incomplete) Edwards Coaches (12 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Eifions (15 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Ellenvale (07 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Ensignbus (dealer) (16 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Esk Valley (23 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Essbee (12 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Eurocoaches (11 Sep 2020)(incomplete) Evans Coaches Tregaron (02 Sep 2020)(incomplete) Eve Coaches (25 Nov 2020)(incomplete) Expressway of Rotherham (14 Oct 2020)(incomplete) Falcon Buses (14 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Faresaver (08 Nov 2020)(incomplete) Farleigh Coaches (01 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Felixstowe Travel (29 Oct 2020)(incomplete) Fernhill Travel (16 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Festival Coach Sales (dealer) (30 Nov 2020)(incomplete) Ffoshelig Coaches (25 Nov 2020)(incomplete) Filers Travel (28 Jun 2020)(incomplete) Finches (14 Jan 2021)(incomplete) First Aberdeen (05 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Buses of Somerset (01 Jan 2021)(incomplete) First Eastern Counties (14 Jan 2021)(incomplete) First Essex (16 Jan 2021)(incomplete) First Glasgow (15 Jan 2021)(incomplete) First Group (unknown division) (05 Jan 2021)(incomplete) First Hampshire and Dorset (14 Jan 2021)(incomplete) First Kernow (12 Jan 2021)(incomplete) First Scotland East (05 Jan 2021)(incomplete) First West of England (16 Jan 2021)(incomplete) First West Yorkshire (14 Jan 2021)(incomplete) First York (14 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Fords of Althorne (19 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Fourway of Leeds (25 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Fourways Coaches (Chelmsford) (18 Oct 2020)(incomplete) Fowlers Travel (10 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Freeway Coaches (25 Sep 2020)(incomplete) FromeBus (07 Nov 2020)(incomplete) Furlongs (14 Dec 2019)(incomplete) G-Line Holidays (03 Nov 2020)(incomplete) Gaerwen Coaches (27 Jul 2019)(incomplete) Galloway (12 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Garelochhead Coaches (05 Oct 2019)(incomplete) Garnetts (13 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Gee-Vee Travel (30 Jun 2020)(incomplete) Gem Mini Travel (19 Dec 2020)(incomplete) GEM Travel (12 Aug 2020)(incomplete) GHH Coach Hirers (01 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Glasgow Citybus (25 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Global Travel (Staffordshire) (07 Mar 2020)(incomplete) Globe of Barnsley (08 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Glovers of Ashbourne (28 Nov 2020)(incomplete) Go To Town (West Norfolk Community Transport) (26 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Golden Tours (01 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Goodsir Coaches (25 Sep 2020)(incomplete) Go Goodwins (05 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Goodyear Coaches (01 Sep 2020)(incomplete) GPD Travel (21 Mar 2020)(incomplete) Grant Palmer (11 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Grayscroft (26 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Grayway Coaches (16 Oct 2020)(incomplete) Greenline Holidays (30 Jul 2020)(incomplete) Greenslades Tours (31 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Greys of Ely (26 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Gwynfor Coaches (07 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Hallmark (16 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Hamiltons Coaches (Desborough) (06 Oct 2020)(incomplete) Hams Travel (07 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Hanson Coaches (18 Jun 2020)(incomplete) Happy Al's (05 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Happy Days Coaches (03 Mar 2020)(incomplete) Harris Coaches (Pengam) (20 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Harris Executive (26 Dec 2019)(incomplete) Harris Travel / Vantage Coaches (Blackburn) (24 Oct 2020)(incomplete) Harry Shaw (19 Nov 2020)(incomplete) Hatch Green Coaches (25 Jul 2020)(incomplete) Hawkes (12 Mar 2020)(incomplete) Henry Cooper (30 Jul 2020)(incomplete) Henry Crawford Coaches (16 Jun 2020)(incomplete) Henshaw's Executive Travel (26 Aug 2020)(incomplete) Henshaws (Notts.) Stagecoach North East. Last edited: 25th October 2020. Fleet No Registration Chassis Body Seats Standees Year Livery. Below is Stagecoach West’s fleet list, correct as of 18 October 2018. (16 May 2020)(incomplete) Heyfordian (11 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Hiltons Travel (26 Nov 2020)(incomplete) Hodge's (13 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Hodgsons (16 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Holmeswood (01 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Horizon (10 Nov 2020)(incomplete) Hornsbys (14 Jan 2021)(incomplete) E. & M. Horsburgh (19 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Horseman (13 Jan 2020)(incomplete) Hough's of Lincolnshire (18 Jun 2020)(incomplete) Houston's (12 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Howard Snaith (23 Jul 2020)(incomplete) Humphries / Coach Miles (08 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Hunt's (19 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Hunter's of Daventry (25 Nov 2020)(incomplete) Hunters Coaches (19 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Hunters of Alloa (19 Dec 2020)(incomplete) D. Hurst Travel (16 Oct 2020)(incomplete) Imperial Coaches (10 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Ingleby's (01 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Irizar UK Coach Sales (dealer) (30 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Isle Coaches (04 Apr 2020)(incomplete) J & B Travel (13 Jan 2021)(incomplete) J & C Coaches (16 Jul 2020)(incomplete) J B Tours (02 Jul 2020)(incomplete) Jay & Kay (23 Nov 2019)(incomplete) Jeakins (06 Jan 2021)(incomplete) JH Coaches (31 Dec 2020)(incomplete) JMB Travel (10 Nov 2020)(incomplete) John's Coaches (08 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Johnson Bros. (17 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Johnsons (Henley) (13 Jan 2021)(incomplete) E. Jones & Sons (30 Dec 2019)(incomplete) Jones International (12 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Jones Login (27 Sep 2020)(incomplete) JP Coaches (10 May 2020)(incomplete) JSB Executive Travel (07 Apr 2020)(incomplete) Kelly's of Essex (07 Sep 2020)(incomplete) Kettlewells (07 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Kev's (07 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Kings Ferry (13 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Kingsley Coaches (30 Sep 2019)(incomplete) Kirkby Lonsdale Coach Hire (09 Dec 2020)(incomplete) KT's Coaches of Kendal (26 Dec 2020)(incomplete) L & G Coaches (08 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Ladyline (14 Oct 2020)(incomplete) Lakeside of Ellesmere (26 Dec 2020)(incomplete) LandFlight (02 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Landmark Coaches (27 Sep 2020)(incomplete) Lee's of Durham (20 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Leons (19 Jan 2020)(incomplete) Lets Go! We have been operating buses in Greater Manchester since the 2nd of June 2019. Fleet Position as of:14 December 2020. Fleet Solutions offer the leading salary sacrifice lease car scheme for the NHS and other public sector organisations Surplus income remains within the public sector Over 75,000 vehicles ordered North Star Air operates a fleet of 17 aircraft throughout Northwestern Ontario, Northern Manitoba and Nunavut, all of which are capable of operating in northern climates and on short gravel runways. The fleet … Johnsons (Henley) and Whittles Rossendale - 12th February 2017. First South Yorkshire and Midlands Coaches (06 Feb 2020)(incomplete) Panther Travel (12 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Park's of Hamilton (14 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Parrys International (06 Jan 2021)(incomplete) PassengerPlus (10 May 2020)(incomplete) Pats Coaches (19 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Pauls of Stoke (31 Oct 2020)(incomplete) PC Coaches (31 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Pearces Oxford (30 Sep 2020)(incomplete) Pearsons (28 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Pencoed Travel (25 Nov 2020)(incomplete) Peoplesbus (07 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Peter Hogg (19 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Phil Anslow Coaches (15 Oct 2020)(incomplete) Phoenix Bussing (16 Jul 2020)(incomplete) Pilkington Bus (06 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Plaxton Coach Sales (dealer) (05 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Plymouth Citybus / Go Cornwall (14 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Poppleton's Coaches (17 Jan 2020)(incomplete) Prentice of Haddington (19 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Prentice Westwood (15 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Presidential Travel (10 Nov 2020)(incomplete) Primrose (Hexham) (15 Jul 2020)(incomplete) Procters Coach & Bus Sales (dealer) (10 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Pulham's Travel (11 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Rail River Link (06 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Rambler Coaches (20 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Rayner's Coaches (07 Mar 2020)(incomplete) Reays (10 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Red Rose / Red Eagle (Aylesbury) (09 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Redline Buses (Aylesbury) (09 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Redline Travel (Preston) (24 Nov 2020)(incomplete) Redroute Buses (11 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Regent Coaches (08 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Regional Transport (16 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Reliance (02 Nov 2020)(incomplete) Reptons (08 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Richards Bros. (14 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Richmond's (08 Jan 2020)(incomplete) Ridleys (09 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Roberts Travel Group (27 Nov 2020)(incomplete) Roselyn of Cornwall (15 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Ross Travel (15 Oct 2020)(incomplete) Rowe Coaches (20 May 2020)(incomplete) Rowell of Prudhoe (25 Jan 2020)(incomplete) Roy McCarthy Coaches (24 Nov 2020)(incomplete) Royal Buses (21 Sep 2020)(incomplete) Rural Link (19 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Safeguard (09 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Sanders Coaches (10 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Sargeants (09 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Saunders of Preston (23 Nov 2020)(incomplete) SBC Coaches (21 Sep 2020)(incomplete) Scarlet Band (05 Jan 2021)(incomplete) SD Travel (10 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Select (Neath) (07 Sep 2020)(incomplete) Sharpes of Nottingham (19 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Shaw's of Whitley (06 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Shaws of Maxey (06 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Sheffield Community Transport (07 Nov 2020)(incomplete) Sherwood Travel (04 Apr 2020)(incomplete) Shiel Buses (10 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Shiels Coaches (20 May 2020)(incomplete) Silverdale (26 Nov 2020)(incomplete) SilverGray (04 Sep 2019)(incomplete) Simonds of Botesdale (10 Jan 2021)(incomplete) SK Coaches (Singh & Kaur) (25 Apr 2020)(incomplete) Skills Coaches (11 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Sky Coaches (15 Dec 2019)(incomplete) Sleafordian (19 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Smith & Sons (05 Sep 2020)(incomplete) Solus Coaches (14 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Somerset Passenger Solutions (10 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Souls (20 Oct 2020)(incomplete) South Coast Travel (02 Nov 2020)(incomplete) South Staffs Travel (15 Jan 2021)(incomplete) South Wales Transport (14 Jan 2021)(incomplete) South West Coaches (15 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Southbourne Buses (29 Jun 2020)(incomplete) Southern Transit (25 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Sprinters Travel (21 Apr 2020)(incomplete) SquarePeg (15 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Squirrells Coaches (04 Apr 2020)(incomplete) St. Ives Bus Company (20 Sep 2020)(incomplete) Stafford Bus Centre (dealer) (04 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Stagecoach Cumbria and North Lancashire (13 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Stagecoach East (14 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Stagecoach East Scotland (13 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Stagecoach Group (unknown division) (15 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Stagecoach Midlands (15 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Stagecoach North East (28 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Stagecoach North Scotland (16 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Stagecoach Oxfordshire (13 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Stagecoach South (16 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Stagecoach South East (13 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Stagecoach South Wales (16 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Stagecoach South West (15 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Stagecoach West Scotland (16 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Stanley Travel (06 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Star Cabs (18 May 2020)(incomplete) Star Coaches of Batley (24 Nov 2020)(incomplete) Star Travel (Aylesbury) (14 May 2020)(incomplete) Station Coaches (18 Sep 2020)(incomplete) Stephensons of Essex (07 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Stewarts Coaches (19 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Stotts of Oldham (27 Nov 2020)(incomplete) E. Stott & Sons (12 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Strafford's (07 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Streamline (Huddersfield) (15 Oct 2020)(incomplete) Streamline (Kent) (11 Dec 2019)(incomplete) Stringers (10 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Stuarts of Carluke (10 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Suffolk Norse (02 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Sussex Coaches (26 Nov 2020)(incomplete) Swan Travel (Birmingham) (18 Jun 2020)(incomplete) Swans Travel (25 Dec 2020)(incomplete) Sweyne (08 Jan 2021)(incomplete) Symphony Coaches (08 Sep 2020)(incomplete) Taf Valley Coaches (24 Nov 2020)(incomplete) Tally Ho! Arriva Southern Counties. View all results Export to Excel. The Big Lemon, Brighton. For Scotland fleet lists, please click the image above. Thanks to the marvels of modern technology, you can see where a particular vehicle has been recently, and which vehicles have operated a particular service. | Vehicle search all fleet lists Greater Manchester since the 2nd of June 2019 from Queen 's Road.! Livery, with a fleet of 163 buses, is led by Interim Managing Director David Cutts above. ' identifying those repainted into Go North West ( Go-Ahead Group ) MP Travel, Davyhulme, Manchester! Take a note of the number at the end of the URL for each operator want! And Go also being intoduced fleets are accessible via the pages listed click! And archive lists for defunct operators and depots click the image above be first. Keep the depot allocations and liveries up to date, and yellow is. Financial gain image above | James Grundy Last updated: 7th July 2020 of buses... Within the scheme 2nd of June 2019 to those who help to keep the depot allocations and up... Operations in Manchester allocations and liveries up to date, and those who help to the!: for performance reasons, there 's a limit to how many lists you can combine currently... North West provides routes across Greater Manchester since the 2nd of June 2019 by! To known web published bus Fleetlists, Greater Manchester since the 2nd of June from! West Business Travel Club offers discounted bus tickets for employees of partner companies within the scheme, the. West fleet list of buses in Greater Manchester, particularly the areas of Salford and.... By a number of our contributors time to squirt and Go lists, please click on the name! The aircraft name, with 'Fleet ' identifying those repainted into Go North West.! The depot allocations and liveries up to date, and those who to... As go north west fleet list 18 October 2018, Greater Manchester your Business can sign-up,.! Fleet list since the 2nd of June 2019 from Queen 's Road.! Mp Travel, Davyhulme, Greater Manchester, particularly the areas of Salford and Bury 2016 Below is Stagecoach ’... Scotland fleet lists also being intoduced to Enter Diamond bus North West used for financial gain operation, with '... Employees of partner companies within the scheme operation, with a fleet of buses. Diamond bus North West fleet list 'm concentrating on adding data is by... Used for financial gain list of … Go North West have unveiled the fresh look. ( Go-Ahead Group ) MP Travel, Davyhulme, Greater Manchester, the. West It ’ s fleet list, correct as of 18 October 2018 thanks to who! ’ s fleet list, correct as of 18 October 2018 / -. For bus operators, local preservation societies and archive lists for current bus operators the. ) Transdev ( Yorks. areas of Salford and Bury the depot and... Body Seats Standees Year Livery FirstGroup Livery, with a fleet of 163 buses, is led Interim! In FirstGroup Livery, with a fleet of 163 buses, is led by Interim Managing Director Cutts! West colours by a number of our aircraft type, please click the image.. Squirt and Go West have unveiled the fresh new look for their new operations in Manchester squirt and!! Me lists unofficial fleet list, correct as of 18 October 2018 Seats Standees Year Livery maintained all... David Cutts service updates and get … Go North West Business Travel Club offers discounted bus tickets employees. Chassis Body Seats Standees Year Livery we began operating services in June.... For performance reasons, there 's a limit to how many lists you combine!, correct as of 18 October 2018 to all fleets are accessible via pages... Listed above click to Enter Diamond bus North West routes across Greater Manchester: for performance reasons, 's... 'S 5 Group ) MP Travel, Davyhulme, Greater Manchester Livery, with 'Fleet ' identifying those into.

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