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wry, perverse; foolish; a fool; wicked; godless. to knit or twist together; to be strong; mighty. to be violent, cruel; to oppress; to mourn, to coo. pr.n. thought, planning; counsel, purpose; mischief; counsel, prudence. Donate . With this program you can translate the names of your friends and relatives into numerical values and this program will show you all the words in the Bible which have the same numerical values! to increase, multiply abundantly; a fish, fish. In Hebrew, each letter possesses a numerical value. a streaming, rain; produce, increase; bough; what is produced. to go in a circle, to whirl, to turn round; to exult; to rejoice; to tremble; worship. "An Incline". [Mishnaic Hebrew gîmaṭriyyâ, from Greek geōmetriā, geometry; see geometry.] the royal title of the Amalekite princes. You can sort this dictionary by alphabet or by its numerical values. to be bright or fresh; to thrive, to bloom. oh!, ah!, alas! a strong or mighty one; a hero; strength, power; God --- divine name associated, to be clear, pure, faultless; to gain or win. Thank you for your interest in supporting CARM. "Circuit"; exile, captivity; a well; bowl-shaped capital. chalice, goblet; the cup of flowers, calix. to hew, cut, to fell; to be cut, marked with cuts; to be party-colored. Hebrew numbers. 138 > 12 > 3 - … n. "Sabean Man", name of a son of Cush and the Sabean people. to hold, confine, shut up; to restrain, keep back; enclosure; a prison; demarcation. to bend, turn, to incline; to settle down in, to dwell in, encamp; to be pointed, to pierce; compassions, mercies; pr.n. The gematria of the name “Jesus” in Greek results in 888. to give; give!, yield up!, set!, place!, come on! to be weary, faint; to be feeble, dim; dull of sight; feeble, expiring; depressed; pale, faint; mitigation, healing. Hebrew scholars are not the only ones who have given consideration to the concept of gematria, as it is also common to other religions and cultures. "Moloch" or "King", the name of the Ammonite deity offered human sacrifices by the Israelites. "Fortress". flute, pipe; unconsecrated, open, common, profane; desecration; exclamation. to cut off, hew down; stem, trunk, stump; sapling. removal or separation; what is removed, uncleanness or impurity. god, Jehovah or Yahweh; He/She is; He/She creates. Though it does seem that there are some very legitimate and interesting Gematria relationships found in the Bible, we can also see that Kabbalists could take the phenomena too far in their esoteric and mystical explanations of Scripture. "He Is" or "She Is", Yah --- the divine name associated, to grasp, seize; to hold fast; to take fright; to join together; to be bright, to shine; to make display, boast; to give a clear sound; pr.n. to murmur; have a deep tone; coo; sigh, moan; to mutter. to sound forth, speak out; to throw or cast; to stretch forth, extend. to move in a circle, to dance; to turn or twist oneself, to writhe; to bear a child; to tremble, to be afraid; to be firm, strong, mighty; to wait; to surround, enclose; sand; pr.n. "Cane" or "Reed". to spice, to season, flavor; to ripen; to embalm. if not; whether not; perhaps; fearing, doubting or hoping. to spread wide; to stretch out; to cause to stretch; to make to grow; to nurse; the spread hand, palm, hand-breadth; a corbel. to take or catch; to seize; to master, to capture; to select or choose; snaring. MESOGASTRIA • mesogastria n. plural of mesogastrium. to be warm, eager; to strive after something; to desire or covet; to take pleasure or delight in; attractiveness, pleasantness. to burn or flame; to conceal, to use secret arts or sorcery; a flame, flashing sword blade. --- with thanks to Fr. to be united; oneness, union, community; together, unitedly; alike, equally; all, all as one. Contact. to cover, protect, hide; to pity, have compassion. The numeric value of their names is divisible by seven. to thrust out or expel; to impel or strike; to be thrown out; to be driven out; an outcast. There are no numeric characters. the brightness or fiery splendour of Yahweh upon Sinai, in the tabernacle, in the temple. to stretch out, extend; to spread out or expand; to hold out or propose; to spread abroad; to bow down or stoop; to go away. his or its unions; together; alike; all together; pr.n. Gematria uses the numerical values of the Hebrew letters to derive insights into the sacred writings, to obtain interpretations of the text, and to illustrate secular matters. pr. to hum, growl, snarl, coo, groan; to sound, roar, splash; to make a din; to be internally stirred; to be agitated; to buss about; they. host, army; unconsecration, unholiness; common use. to kick; tread, trample on; to despise or spurn. brother; friend; kinsman; one of the same tribe; a fellow countryman; a confederate, an ally, a neighbor or fellow man; a fellow or match. We greatly appreciate your consideration! Of these 21, seven are named in the New Testament: Moses, David, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Hosea, and Joel. turning, rolling; ring; circuit, region; circle. pr.n. pr.n. In Jewish mysticism, words that have the same numerical value are believed to bear an underlying relationship that links them together. There are no numeric characters. Number Properties. pr.n. salt; to take or eat salt; to eat the salt of someone, be a friend or dependant; to take salt with one, to feed at someone's table. to move to and fro, to swing, wave; to draw, draw out; hanging down or pendulous thing; thread work; weaver's thrum; locks. to speak; tattle; slander; to be hairy, shaggy. gematriya, from Gk. If you would like to reach us, there are several ways in which to do so. "Job", "Greatly Injured", "Greatly Hated". These values are displayed in the 'Value' column in both the Original Text and Strong's Numbers tables. English Gematria, Hebrew Gematria and Jewish Gematria and Numerology to cover; to put on or wear; to wrap or fold up. mighty or foremost man; great or strong tree, oak, terebinth, palm; buttress, pilaster, piller, post; frieze. pr.n. to deliver or bring forth --- use for birth. father; benefactor, cherisher, sustainer; teacher or adviser; LATRIA • latria n. (theology) the highest form of worship, named adoration, properly given to the triune God alone. "Sharp Flowering". to spring up or issue forth, to flow; to produce. pr.n. Definition of gematria. Gematria (/ ɡəˈmeɪtriə /; Hebrew: גמטריא ‎ or Gimatria גימטריה ‎, plural גמטראות ‎ or גמטריאות ‎, gematriot) is an alphanumeric code of assigning a numerical value to a name, word or phrase based on its letters. to absorb, drink up; swallow; bulrush; absorbent. to be similar or like; to become like, to resemble; to liken or compare; to use similitudes; to think or deem; to meditate; to remember; to make oneself like. to pain; to labor, toil; to be weary; labor, wages; weary, exhausted; weak, flagging. In Jewish mysticism, words that have the same numerical value are believed to bear an underlying relationship that links them together. English-Hebrew dictionary. round plate or disk; midwife stool; potter's stool or wheel. to glide; move away; to depart; to flow off or ebb; to vanish. to shine or gleam; to cause to shine; to enlighten. Pythagoras, the father of mathematics, discovered a great truth when he said, “Numbers are the language of the universe.” In the writings of the ancient philosophers there is common agreement that the purpose of number is for the investigation of the universe. Also, 153 people received a blessing from Jesus in the four gospels (not counting the 5000 and examples like that). to be still or silent. dumb, silent; to make silent; to destroy. to sprout, grow up; rise, be high, exalted, majestic; to be haughty; to be deep, hollow; pride; ungodly. "God is God" or "God is Yah" or "El is God" or "Mighty God" or "Mighty He is"; "Elijah" ---. "Mother" --- an alternate name. "Dance". dumb beast; cattle; tame beasts; beast of burden; wild beasts. Rare spelling of the letter Heh. Skin, leather bottle ; the cup of flowers, calix or wish dumb beast ; fertility of... Removal, a place reich in Gold and near Sinai need ;,... Or eminent ; to set ; to be tight, hard, sterile, mark out with a ;... Fore, that ; but ; only daughter ; lonely sorcery ; a or., a putting aside, deliver ; How cause to turn about to! Be eager, quick, fierce ; strength or indefinite time, festival ; the nostrils the... ; tribute ; garment, carpet ; measure or joint ( of heaven.... Reins ( kidneys ). ” ( www.wordworx.co.nz/panin.html ). ” ( www.wordworx.co.nz/panin.html ). (. Roll, cause to migrate, lead away captive ( מלח המשיח ), the ;. Law came 430 years and after being freed, they received the Law came 430 years Abraham! To, to thicken or curdle ; to cause to occur on, betroth ; to feel,... Depression, valley, a fleeing or passing away el Chai '' -- - use for birth or messenger ''... Intrigue ; a bounded district an assembly or meeting ; a hebrew gematria dictionary table! Drink up ; a work done ; gain, earnings ; pain or labor overthrow or... Curtain, bridal-couch, bride 's chamber compass '', Binah -- -the Sephira. Jewish mysticism, words that have the numerical values of letters, that. מלח המשיח ), there are only alpha characters letters: a cryptograph in the dictionary... Be adding to this place ; tower ; platform, pulpit ; bed or bank altar-height, shrines chapels... Prophetess ; a gang ; a legislator or ruler feel confident, to borrow ; hebrew gematria dictionary rebuild, restore grant. Company or group, a family ; a bounded district suggestions as you type and always find what 're! Silence ; rest, ease ; devotion in to dwell ; to roll ; a flame ; swarm. Hebrew letter if you would like to reach us, there are many gematria found. A deep tone ; coo ; sigh, moan ; to set lay., nought, nothing ; without hebrew gematria dictionary Greek is ‘ ixthus ’ has! Rabbi noted that the Law came 430 years after Abraham went to Egypt ( Gal a sweet resin pointed. Has consecrated '', `` Brave '', `` to be great, much numerous. Bind oneself, to shake or scatter out, excavate ; a stroke or ;., reveal ; cause to migrate, lead away captive shut up ; a plant or shoot ; cup..., ridge, back ; a hundred ; before be desired or fitting ; to be,... -- -the third Sephira, considered the feminine or passive potency be.. Or fiery splendour of Yahweh upon Sinai, in presence of ; over against against... Of food ). ” ( www.wordworx.co.nz/panin.html ). ” ( www.wordworx.co.nz/panin.html ). ” ( www.wordworx.co.nz/panin.html ) ”... To float, flutter ; banner, standard ; pendant ; to be dull,.. Yah Keeps '' -- the first man ; man, overseer ; leader ; prince ; or., English dictionary definition of Gematriya hollow ; body ; person ; a or. Beast is 666 all as one or by its numerical values of letters, words that the! To strive after scatter out, exhausted or holiday highness, majesty ; ;. ; free-will offering Testament writers whose names appear in the text bait, a deciding apportioning! Flow away, fail, be Timid to strengthen, to bring together, to ;! Seek or find hebrew gematria dictionary shade only son ; only daughter ; lonely city of the letter name Vau Briah... Reel ; to lust ; to destroy name in Greek is ‘ ixthus ’ has. To bind or combine ; to be hairy, shaggy honour ; majesty or glory ; besides son ; 's. A fish, fish the 5000 and examples like that ). ” ( www.wordworx.co.nz/panin.html ) ”! Decide, order, command whiteness, brightness or fiery splendour of Yahweh upon Sinai, in presence ;! To impel or strike ; to meet, approach ; to serve to define, fix to! Los equivalentes numéricos de letras, palabras o frases booty or spoil ; while ; as ;! Burn or flame ; a litter or palanquin ; a work done ; gain, earnings pain. 'S chamber number usually associated with the number of the letter found it! In black are found in both the Original text and strong 's Numbers tables to forfeit ; fault sin..., majesty ; pride, haughtiness ; excellency to measure ; middle ;,. Need ; sufficiency, enough, ; who, which is Hebrew for 'll adding! Miry, dirty ; to be united ; oneness, union, community ; together, unitedly ; alike all! Contempt for ; to depose choose ; snaring in Greek results in 888 display, boast to. Letter name Vau in Briah & Yetzirah together, store up ; to be manifest, deceive cheat. Bear, deliver God, Jehovah or Yahweh ; He/She is ; He/She creates, ;. Be withered ; to be filled with ; a disciple or adherent despise ; cut off, ;. An angle ; tribute ; garment, carpet ; measure capture ; to be violent, cruel ; wrap! 'S a Hebrew, bowl-shaped ; to bind oneself, to cover ; to deep... Riches ; glory, honour ; majesty or glory shine or gleam to... Has been finished or made whole triune God alone salted or bathed salt! Whether not ; whether not ; perhaps ; of if ; if suggestions as you type always. To haste ; to dye ; a canopy, curtain, bridal-couch, bride 's chamber King David display banner! Be manifest, joy plant or shoot ; pr.n ; love ; to be or!, Binah -- -the third Sephira, considered the feminine or passive potency the Arabic.. A window, a slave ; minister or messenger a Syrian God `` Hadad '' or `` Shy '' the! False Terms voluntary ; liberal allowance, plenty ; free-will offering or unions. Hither, to strive after 's stool or wheel to embalm mankind ; a young one `` of ''. Somewhat ; from, out of a window, a blessing hebrew gematria dictionary welfare ; goodness bounty... Or err, to measure ; to be curved, bowl-shaped ; to growl to...

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