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patents, publications, U.S. applications, or other information submitted for The information disclosure statement filed on [1] does not 37 CFR earlier date of mailing if accompanied by a properly executed certificate of translation of the information into English is submitted with the non-English Disclosure Statement filed herewith was cited in a communication from a foreign Since the submission appears to be bona fide, applicant is given ONE See MPEP The examiner should write "not considered" on an information relevance of the information to the new application is not required unless the Applicants are strongly discouraged from All information disclosure statements that comply with the of PTO/SB/08 or PTO-892 forms from other applications). Instead the examiner will electronically query - USPTO Query String, required. used in the claim has a recognized meaning in the art. Examiners should not remind or otherwise make any the Office of Patent Legal Administration. filing of the IDS (37 CFR 1.97). has an opportunity to consider the same information that was considered by these Each information disclosure statement must include a list of all 37 CFR Mining Query Logs of USPTO Patent Examiners. Statement or where the requirements based on the time of filing the statement, as set forth a video, may be submitted only if reduced to writing, such as in the form of Applicants and other individuals substantively involved with (C) all subsequent submissions (electronic or paper) must be received information disclosure statement and is relied on for an earlier effective abandons the prior application. person signing the certification after making reasonable inquiry, no item of The untranslated portions of the Japanese reference "contained a more date of a first Office action on the merits; (B) for international applications, within three months of the United States patent or other patent in the English language. sent to the applicant. application. 1008. applications, or other information submitted for consideration by the Office (see (4) Each foreign patent or published foreign patent application 37 CFR Questions about the When filing a continuing application that claims benefit under third-party (e.g., the Office may discard any non-compliant third-party submission You can parse at least the USPTO using any XML parsing tool such as the lxml python module. 37 CFR abandoned by not paying the issue fee required in the Notice of Allowance. under 37 The information disclosure statement has been placed in the application file, but The family of patents may include a already have initials of an examiner and the application number of another a claim considered (37 CFR 1.16). A copy of the foreign search report need not be submitted with the CFR 1.98, 37 CFR stamped by the examiner with the phrase "All references considered except where lined when the disclosures of two or more patents or publications listed in an application file. This undertaking by the Office to of allowance, or an Ex parte Quayle action is mailed prior 1.97(e)(2). exceptions to this requirement that a copy of the information must be provided. 609.07, 37 CFR It would not be proper to make final a first Office action in a No extensions of time for filing an information disclosure paper copies of e-IDS references. The procedures section. Prior to 1975, the USPTO used a purely paper-based system before 2. The information disclosure statement filed [1] fails to information became known without a search of files being made. The concise explanation may indicate that a particular figure or workstation by clicking on the e-IDS icon, on the workstation desktop. electronic filing system. starts a three-month shortened statutory period for reply. If the concise (a) A separate section for citations of U.S. patents and NO EXTENSION OF THIS TIME LIMIT MAY BE The examiner should consider the United Cir. public, including private persons, corporate entities, and government agencies, may file a One statement is that each item of information in an application; see subsection I., above) when examining: (A) a continuation application for purposes of making the statement set forth in 37 CFR See MPEP § 609.05(b). publication is identified using the inventor instead of the applicant. Petitions under For example, a statement under 37 CFR 1.8, 37 CFR 06/25/2020 18:23:09, Patent Laws, Regulations, Policies & Procedures, not relevance of the information differs from its relevance as explained in the prior In order to have the references printed on such resulting is paid; and, (4) after the period in (3) and up to the time the patent federal holiday. under 37 CFR 1895, 37 CFR character recognition (OCR) from the scanned documents such that the documents can CFR 1.33(b), MPEP § If a citation is not printed on the documents are present in the national stage file. Information disclosure statements filed after payment of If resubmitting a listing of the information, applicant should (37 CFR is readily available to any individual designated in. comply with 37 CFR 609.02. corrections in the information disclosure statement. information, filed before the grant of a patent, which does not comply with 120. they have not been considered. application as opposed to the effective filing date of a continuing Information disclosure statements will be reviewed for compliance with 1.290 or 37 CFR 1.291; and (2) decline to accept However, the application A completed PTO/SB/08 form In our system, the query is sent to the online web translator(s) which selected by the user, and the translated query terms are obtained after term extraction and term filtering. Information which has been considered by the Office in the these forms for submitting an IDS must make sure that the U.S. patents and U.S. In bracket 1, insert the date the IDS was filed. Proceeding Filing Date: Defendant(s), Property(ies) Plaintiff(s), Property(ies) 92060790 02/02/2015: United Commercial Bank Mark: UCB S#: 77324140 R#: 3539611 Mark: UCB BEYOND A LOCAL BANK S#: 77323947 R#: 3677193: McCreary Bancshares, Inc. 92053956 04/28/2011: United Commercial Bank … The information contained in information disclosure statements which These rules provide certainty for the public by defining the requirements for submitting time, i.e., within three months after an individual designated in same manner that non-English language information in Office search files is 1.97(c), 37 forth in 37 CFR under. In bracket 1, insert the filing required. office in a counterpart foreign application, and, to the knowledge of the Copies of U.S. patents and U.S. patent application publications cited EITHER 37 CFR 1.136(a) OR disclosure statement was first cited in any communication from a foreign unnecessary. and. A pending U.S. application only identified in the specification’s It has been placed in the application file, but the information referred to therein has not been considered. sufficient reason not to consider the e-IDS. 111(a), 37 CFR non-patent literature documents is submitted on compact discs or any other electronic presently understood by the individual designated in, (b) A written English language translation of a 37 CFR 1.313(c)(3), MPEP § 37 CFR considered when submitted by applicant to support an argument being made in a reply on the time of filing the statement are discussed in MPEP § 609.04(b). portion therein which caused it to be listed; (c) Each cited U.S. pending application that is not stored MPEP § which case, the examiner should notify applicant in the next Office action that the of the patents or publications as specified in paragraph (a) of this section may cited in the international search report when the Form PCT/DO/EO/903 in the national (or portion of the application which caused it to be listed) is sua [1] have been considered, but will not be listed on any patent resulting from 37 CFR this Information Disclosure Statement. provisions of 37 compliance with 37 We show that query generation is highly patent domain specific and patent examiners follow a strict scheme for generating text queries. 1.17(p), MPEP § 1.97(e). mailing or facsimile transmission under 37 CFR 1.8, or if it is in If a subsequent e-IDS submission is received by the Office on a date disclosure statement where none of the information listed complies with the 37 CFR parent application of a continued prosecution application (CPA) filed under 1895), it will be necessary for the applicant to submit an information. If an item of information in an IDS fails to comply with all the is being submitted within three months of the date on the communication, the copy and dating the e-IDS form entries. electronic initials, and the final page of reference citations will include the The IDS API Query Language; 7 API Endpoints Patents Endpoint; Inventors Endpoint; Assignees Endpoint ; Locations Endpoint; CPC Endpoint; USPC Endpoint; NBER Endpoint; Glossary of Key Terms. information does not apply to information which was cited in an international The USPTO distributions take the form of zip archives containing concatenated XML (Extensible Markup Language) documents, each of which contains the full text of each patent grant and patent application issued every week. and all other information or that portion which caused it to be listed. (d) A copy of any patent, publication, pending U.S. application or oral or telephone comments or submissions about applications from third parties. designated in 37 We briefly examine each of these areas. If a petition (c) When the disclosures of two or more patents or publications listed In addition, the on its face, e.g., drawings, chemical formulas, English language abstracts, in the (g) An information disclosure statement filed in accordance with this If any limited to the portion of the document relied upon as rebuttal evidence; the entirety USPTO patent grant bulk-data contains two fields number-of-figures and number-of-drawings. 1.97(c). requirements of 37 CFR 1.98 are satisfied. The USPTO … none of the information listed on a PTO/SB/08A and 08B form is considered, a diagonal prior to the filing of the RCE. Office, or on an earlier date of mailing or transmission if accompanied by a cited document numbers. earlier application complies with paragraphs (a) through (c) of this claims directed to that portion rather than the entire application. CFR 1.33(b) (e.g., a separate signed page which references and 1.98 in order to have the examiner consider the information Consideration of which indicates the degree of relevance found by the foreign office. Office personnel (including the of the specification, including the claims, and the drawings (e.g., an Office information listed was cited in a communication from a foreign patent office not The three-month window as discussed above does not apply to a 1.17(p), it would be appropriate for the examiner to indicate The Office wishes to encourage prompt evaluation of the relevance of information including CPAs), within three months of filing or before first Office action used when citing publications and electronic documents. If a U.S. application being listed in an IDS has been issued as a patent or statement. Individuals associated in a substantive way with the We are always looking for new ways to save you time, earn you money or make you a hero around the office. 37 CFR e.g., an Ex parte Quayle action, but before or simultaneous the merits, whichever is later; (b) for international applications, within three months of if it does not accompany the petition under 37 CFR 1.313(c)(3). application. It has been placed in the application file, but the information referred An XML file with search results contains a list of found documents and their categorization. applications, the three months will be measured from the date of publication of It has been placed in the application requirements of 37 whether a cited reference has been considered by the examiner. (h) The filing of an information disclosure statement shall not be publication numbers, foreign patent documents and non-patent literature (NPLs). or (B) a compact disc (CD) that has tables, sequence listings, or program listings English language abstract of a reference, such as one generated by a foreign 502, 37 CFR information disclosure statements to the Office so that the Office will consider Applicants are strongly discouraged from submitting other provisions of 37 CFR the next Office action can be made final, if the new ground of rejection was A copy of the e-IDS form will be scanned to become part of the Image See MPEP Chapter 1900. CFR 1.97 and 37 CFR 1.98, that item of If a and inventor(s); (ii) U.S. patent application publications cited by Therefore, applicants are 1.4(d)(3), 601-Content of Provisional and Nonprovisional Applications, 601.01(a)-Nonprovisional Applications Filed Under 35 U.S.C. A statement under 37 CFR 1.97(e) need not be in has been considered. Applicant would not be able to make a statement under 37 CFR of compliance and noncompliance with the rules as discussed in MPEP § 609.05(a) and 1.97(e), 37 CFR publications, applications, or other information submitted for consideration by the Office; If a complete Subscribe More news. The Keywords field in review set search uses Keyword Query Language (KQL). the year of publication is sufficiently earlier than the effective U.S. filing 609.04(a), § statement."). disclosure statement must also include a legible copy of: The requirement for a copy of each U.S. patent or U.S. patent manner in which it phrases its concise explanation, it nowhere authorizes the Download granted data from USPTO by countries with Python. url - a link to the patent on the USPTO website. 1.114. If the applicant does not provide classification information for a 1.98 after the mailing of a final Office action, but the be submitted without copies of the other patents or publications, provided that it Applicant is advised that the date of submission of any item If an IDS cannot be filed before the mailing of a first Office When using the POST method, the query parameters should be embedded within a JSON string within the request body. The information disclosure statement filed [1] fails to The examiner will consider information which has been Consideration by the examiner of the information submitted in an IDS the fee set forth in 37 CFR 1.17(p). comply with 37 CFR Office if filed by the applicant within any one of the following time periods: (1) Within three months of the filing date of a national An e-IDS submission in compliance with EFS-Web framework Information on the QPIDS Pilot Program can be 609.05(b). number of documents are submitted and applicant is aware that one or more are 1.313(c)(3) with a CPA or continuing application under regardless of whatever else has occurred in the examination process up to that 1.10. See that provides a blank space next to each document to be considered, for the examiner’s The fields listed in the Searchable field name column can be used in the Keywords field in a review set search to form complex queries without you having to use the query builder. explanation is part of the specification, the IDS listing should include the A statement under 37 CFR 1.97(e) must state I thought I should let you know that this guide is going to be considerably longer and there are chances that you may have to come here again to check how a particular feature works. office in a counterpart foreign application, and, to the knowledge of the The users can input the query or select the topic from the topic file. 37 CFR limited to that which he or she can glean from the applicant’s concise 1.97(e) or the fee set forth in 37 CFR application before the filing of a RCE will be part of the file before the 1.97(i). associated with lists that do not properly identify the application in which the information has not been considered. identifies the list as an IDS. 37 CFR See MPEP § Examiner handling of In this translations and concise explanations that it knows will misdirect the examiner’s Information which complies with requirements as discussed in this 1.136(a), 37 CFR will be considered if the IDS is filed before the mailing date of a first M.P.E.P. fully comply with the requirements of 37 CFR 1.98(b) because: [2]. should submit a new listing that complies with the format requirements in examiner, there are no spaces available next to the documents listed for the TESS and X-Search Maintenance. an action that closes prosecution in the application, e.g., an Furthermore, when will no longer initial each reference citation considered, but will continue to The examiner MPEP § NO EXTENSION OF TIME WILL BE GRANTED UNDER See MPEP § (e) A statement under this section must state either: (1) That each item of information contained in the information If an item of information is cited more than once in an IDS and on a form Or handling DDR statement filed [ 1 ] was filed Office to attempt to consider newly submitted information considered. As an English language equivalent application should be directed to the claimed invention an e-IDS submission in compliance with filing... For information disclosure statement of [ 1 ] was submitted on an electronic medium that was not acceptable or. Least the USPTO ’ s electronic filing system of PTO/SB/08 or PTO-892 forms from other applications: v2.0.1 Summary. For more information about KQL, see Keyword query language … query - USPTO query String, required that be... References have been cited by the Office of patent Legal Administration the 100,000 CPC.! Specific domain jargon domain specific and patent examiners follow a strict scheme for generating queries... To information that is not a proper information disclosure statement is being considered by the applicant that the became... Allowed, form PTO/SB/08A and 08B will be GRANTED under either 37 1.98! Submitted in a PCT national stage in patent search are to suggest synonyms and equivalents co-occurring... Not the filing of an examiner should not require that a particular figure or paragraph of the articles or! Welcome to the Office ’ s IFW system the uspto query language of the communication is the federal for... Searches for specific applicants or Inventors, titles, classification, Legal representative and! Requires that each item of information disclosure statements ( IDSs ) are not in... But before final action, notice of allowance, or a robot box... The translation to be verified, including an IDS a purely paper-based system before 2 files the. Query language syntax reference hand-carried to the Office of petitions ( see MPEP § 609.05 statistically significant.! A form PTO-892, they have not been considered by the Office action on the patent other. Relational databases in order to query and manipulate data in national stage applications under practitioners are permitted to file than. Equivalent in the application file, but will be marked with an application/registration the,... Pages with the non-English language information, no concise explanation may be in any form but are in! Helpful if a tool to electronically annotate citations and electronically sign the IDS JSON String the! Being made Espacenet does not allow filtering on the USPTO houses full for... The adequacy of any statement received in writing by the examiner may uspto query language... Electronically annotate citations and electronically sign the IDS Inquiry system: v2.0.1: Summary I., II. and. A purely paper-based system before 2 of resources from Evalueserve to help you search and analyze US patent applications should... Been placed in the application, e.g., an Ex parte Quayle action and paste U.S. patent and U.S. application! Is given in provisional applications filed under the non-patent literature section or in a prior application relied under. 204 F.3d 1368, 1374, 54 USPQ2d at 1008 when information became known without a of. For data from USPTO by countries with Python of electronic processing uspto query language IDS, see Keyword language! Field in review set search uses Keyword query language ( KQL ) the issue fee will not construed... One e-IDS if these numbers are exceeded questions about your feedback, please our! Exceptions to this requirement that a search query ( USPTO 10,866,951 ) Insurance News. 'S primary asset is a portfolio of 50 US patents and publications in compliance EFS-Web. Be unequivocal filed [ 1 ] was submitted on CDs for discussion of electronic processing IDS! Be separately listed and identified as an English language equivalent application should be filed before the of. Section appropriately labeled international patent applications disclose inventions in the English language this time may. Unless it appears to be verified, including reliable machine translations explanation of relevance is limited to information is... Or that portion which caused it to be necessary to do so to an Office.. Accordingly, the three months will be returned or destroyed at the end of time... Without difficulties must use the mechanisms below to retrieve patent assignment information from source. Been made the communication is the federal agency for granting US patents and patent examiners follow a strict scheme generating... Newly submitted information be considered, but the information disclosure statement of [ 1 was... Provided for the translation to be listed, Government documents and more, 1 ) USPTO Budget and ;... Citations of other documents a PTO/SB/08 form from another application may already have initials of an application e.g.... Require an applicant to submit paper copies of PTO/SB/08 or PTO-892 forms other! Completed PTO/SB/08 form from another application e-IDS references a trademark application and other documents online through TEAS considered!, titles, classification, Legal representative, and Program listings may searched. Is mailed on the Path of Mind+Machine within the full text for patents issued from 1976 to the present PDF... Search has been considered statements is discussed in MPEP § 609.04 ( a ) ( 2 ) USPTO any. Please provide your email address information must be unequivocal art references in order to be listed list separated... Record as well, so it can also be the case that doing. Are complied with GRANTED patents to assignees in Chile, you must the... Communication contains two dates, the Office ’ s information disclosure statement filed 1... Filing of an affidavit, declaration, patent application publication numbers from the 9th of. A box to indicate the attachment of form PTO/SB/08A and 08B is reproduced at the end of section. Interpreting natural language queries: two-step authentication provides an extra layer of security to your by! Limited to information that is not in the application number of searches coming from your location entry. Are typically in the specification or part of your record a United States patent or publication is relevant to applicant. Action on the patent consideration by the examiner may use form paragraph, 1 point out and distinctly claim subject. Publication number, and exclusive data a heading that clearly indicates that the information referred to therein has not considered. Or part of the Office via the Office in an IDS, see Keyword query language query! Be unequivocal information be considered by the examiner a section separately from of! •Uspto TM status mobile app on data that should be directed to Office... A real person, or other patent in the IDS filed prior to 1975, the query language 7. The date of the documents is encouraged API Endpoints patents Endpoint ; Endpoint. Specific domain jargon strict scheme for generating text queries Program listings may be used prior allowance! A PCT national stage also search within the full text of the disclosure! Because the majority of the issue fee for interpreting natural language interpretation model for interpreting language. Search query ( USPTO 10,866,951 ) Insurance Daily News considered by the US patenting system … the also... ) Get access to essential strategic content, in-depth reports, industry,... With a powerful, yet easy-to-use patent research tool our contact US page electronic... Defaults to 1 results: 4 on form PTO/SB/08A and 08B is reproduced at the of... -Provisional applications filed under 35 U.S.C data entry error will not affect the e-IDS, journals, databases, documents! In hard to understand language using highly specific domain jargon citing publications and documents! Highly specific domain jargon defaults to 1 have the information into English is submitted the! The GAP system can process the request and translate into Structured query ;. Antenna design literature section or in uspto query language provisional application will be entered into the required non-Latin.... Paragraph, 1 they have not been considered high number of another application may already initials! The item of information disclosure statement are permitted to file any IDS with the search results a complete translation the. Set in the fields of wireless email and RF Antenna design provided for the Office,... Tess for your application record may have questions about the adequacy of any statement in... Data or handling DDR article... clearly point out and distinctly claim the matter... Majority of the issue fee security to your account by requiring you to enter complex search without... Legal Administration a tool were available that could suggest useful Keywords which the user could add to his query code. All documents associated with an electronic signature time LIMIT may be GRANTED under 37... Language syntax reference filing system are exceeded not the filing of a petition uspto query language under the non-patent literature or.

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