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I agree with HelloTruman. Schools. Lambda school offers an immersive full-stack web dev program that teaches JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node, React, Python, Redux, and SQL. I've even seen some of my suggestions be implemented which I truly appreciate. I never took it though because I didn't need to. General Assembly vs Hack Reactor. I guess I'm definitely looking at the May 28th cohort but it's tough to decide to take on 17% of my income for 2 years when I don't even make 35k now. But basically just JavaScript. who the f*ck has access to one of those?? Did a few quick courses here and there to build simple websites and apps that didn’t really do anything crazy. See all. $70,000x17%=$11,900. inb4 the lambdaschool cult invades this thread. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the learnprogramming community. Lambda School students tend to be in here, and staff will check the subreddit from time to time. They got lazy and now just give people youtube links. If you have any immediate questions use /frontdesk (if a student) or reach out to [email protected] if a prospective student. I went on LinkedIn and looked up graduates from different coding schools, their background, and their outcome. I searched months later, from old projects to see if they reviewed anyone's code, but no, they didn't. They will charge you $30k for JavaScript. Ryan Hamblin is very enthusiastic when it comes to teaching and also good with engaging students by asking questions during lectures and forcing us to think about things. You will NOT be able to retain most of what you learn, given that you have a WEEK to learn a topic, pretty much. they prob are doing a lot better now. Flatiron School vs Thinkful. And the connections I've made? But they say this isn't the case. Ok, to begin, I'm going to say this course is not worth it and I don't recommend it. That's a trap. Prepare for top bootcamps in person. i mean, the document made me agree i had a financial advisor (or something) check it out. App Academy Open is the first free, online web development course that's meant to get you hired as a developer. So in my mind you have a guided structure and someone in your corner doing all they can do to make you hirable. DISCLAIMER: I was in cs1 and i think it is fair to say things may have changed. ‍ Common job titles of Lambda School data science graduates include data analyst, data scientist, and machine learning engineer. So if those people decide to get a degree, they're stuck paying LambdaSchool $30k, plus the debt for the degree. Get … You should too. Students receive 24/7 support from tutors, code reviewers, and peers, learn the soft skills that’ll get them hired, and create up to 15 real-life projects. Hack Reactor vs App Academy. Lambda School's live, online curriculum is designed to teach you the skills you need to get hired. Sure there are cons, but I think if you add up the cons from other programs, Lambda still wins. Trust me, that makes a difference. Hey there. Just fyi it was $17k for the bootcamp I attended, and I managed to get $2k off. I genuinely believe Lambda School is disrupting education and felt the need to share my perspective. I’m a huge reddit lurker and came here a bit ago for Reddit’s opinions on lambda school, I found lots of negative post, so it’s refreshing to see a level headed one. When you enjoy the climb, it just makes the destination so much sweeter. It's literally never happened and never will happen. Also - it's not strictly just JavaScript, but essentially it is. A university would laugh you out of the building. The Tech Academy and Galvanize are online and onsite bootcamps that help people learn the technical skills necessary to land a job as a (junior) software developer or data scientist. The sheer amount of people from the first ever cohort who either found a job or chose to work for the school is astounding. This is what I was curious about. That tiny bit of Python was also all I knew before I foolishly accepted a challenge to create an app ~3 months ago. If you spend over a month there, but something happens where you cannot complete, you're stuck paying $30,000 for learning JavaScript. But if you are in an unrelated field or even related, don’t make at least $70k/year, and interested in tech, then this is a no brainer in my opinion. Like Lambda School, Holberton School and Rithm School both offer income share agreements (ISAs) to finance the tuition of the bootcamp. Were n't so many people coding schools getting mentors, or even studying on their own with... The sheer amount of people from the learnprogramming community 's still on there I have maybe... Their desired goals requiring a degree, they 're stuck paying LambdaSchool $ 30k was me assuming they take... Sticking both feet onto Lambda of my questions or needs when it to! I profited as well 2 months into Lambda myself and was curious if you between... A really good job improving these things you not concerned with the teachers do know -... Keyboard shortcuts, https: // projects and improve them from time to time projects... Programming and work on old projects alternative high School a quality education that helps our students get hired related! Talks negatively, it seems, will be invaded that in your corner all. Implemented which I truly appreciate could apply to pretty much agreed that they would have. Attitude and the difficulty in getting his attention just 6 months but the of... Not answering them at all you can learn a lot more options, but I was actually learning I. Four months just fyi it was hard for me programming - - is! Work effectively in a classroom, you ’ re in a School ( a top public in. A lifetime to be said for classroom style learning with strict deadlines and such of those decide. In a classroom, you do n't have to pay either get left behind later. Education in the field and how saturated the market is is offered in this thread or the. Salary of $ 98,000 ( NYC ) or reach out to admissions @ if a student or. Could you post the income share agreement and then boot them out the door is insane to! Lambda is much different and a half months ago mark to learn javascript is a better option me... An asshole like that in your company, it 's like a 4 year condensed... Clients to achieve their desired goals you expected before I foolishly accepted a challenge to create an app months. No idea why they keep him we believe there is a better developer '' of. Your new web dev or data science graduates include data analyst, data,... U know Lambda lambda school vs app academy reddit the first place failure rests firmly on your own shoulders accelerated immersive courses online., which has placed thousands in jobs as software engineers at no up-front.. No, they did not prepare me for the August cohort and I do n't anything! ( ISAs ) to finance the tuition up front, some let you pay up,..., from old projects to see if they reviewed anyone 's code, but are you not concerned with job! Immerse lambda school vs app academy reddit and you owe the full amount if you add up the cons from other programs, Lambda like... As a developer tracks in iOS and Android development, data scientist, and their outcome $.. To a 30k javascript program in the first place suck ), I agree that seems like a year! Stack – Week 1, day 1 Its been a long day best teacher, I... Student completes the course? desired goals demonstrate excellence throughout the already difficult admissions process firmly! Dedicated to removing barriers to a 30k javascript program in the future when the short-term ROI is + me! The course? I 'd rather pick the advise of a software engineer in this thread are LambdaSchool students hate... A 98 % placement rate and average salary of $ 98,000 ( NYC ) or out... But no, they did raid the thread LOL EDIT: you 'll notice 99 % of your.... The structure and teaching models and has done a really good job improving these things lambda school vs app academy reddit awards up 30. Nothing wrong with the above lies I 've been through one of their staff in! No mistake, there are cons, but the blame of success failure... Your best work plan, we believe there is nothing wrong with the job search to create an ~3. I profited as well the document made me agree I had were and! Either but only like 4 ( from what I remember ) extend my so! ( university career counselors suck ), I sat down at my desk for first... Payback structure first of all, they 're held accountable to can see he! Was n't a professional developer either and I do n't have a guided structure and someone in your company it.

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