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If you’re doing it on your own, budget for at least 5 hours of time. If watching is more your jam, check out this video I did on Patent Searching: I’m doing it in part to help educate those in the world that may read this and truly need it. Also, I would walk you through some advanced concepts of how to use free patent databases to conduct patent searches using various methodologies, for example by creating a key string. To search for CPC definitions ONLY, use site search box: "cpc scheme" [word/s] Well, as you have just gone through a crash course, here is another guide that will help you conduct a comprehensive search: Click to read Google Patent Search Guide. The list serves as an example list, and is not exhaustive in any way: We cannot rely on just Google to do the searching for our inventors, we need to assure we turn over every rock and seek out the best information possible. Check patent application status with public PAIR and private PAIR. If you select FrontPage from the drop-down menu, the keyword would be searched in the Abstract of the patent only. I agree, there are a lot of great choices for getting a patent search done. On the left side column, i.e. It’s scary, because you’ve got to face your fears that there may be something else out there in the world like your invention, and someone may have thought of it before. Another proximity operator that you can use is BEFORE where you can specify the distance between two phrases/keywords from left to right. A patent search is what it sounds like, a search for patent documents that might have import on your invention…but it stops there. You can access Patentscope by clicking on this URL: The procedure in these two strategies is almost the same hence I’m clubbing them. This step is the one that can take quite long for someone not familiar with the USPTO search tools or navigating in the classification systems. Patent Classification: ... (CPC) search page that looks for words in patents, and ranks the most likely 8 -10 CPC subclasses that those patents are under. What problems the invention would solve in other industries and how the invention would change to fit the needs of that product/solution? The brutal truth: You can have the most patentable invention in the world, but it may be the worst idea commercially ever, and therefore, the inventor will not see success in the end. There is a difference between a patent search and a comprehensive prior-art search (which is needed for patentability). However, there is a much more organic/brute-force approach needed to assure you’ve uncovered non-patent literature sufficiently. The two New Jersey engineers invented bubble wrap in 1957 and protected it with a patent in 1959. There are many different patent classification systems out there, so you will need to slowly become familiar with them as you start to gather inventions that are similar to your invention. But… it should guide you and give you  high-level sense of where you lay. After you’ve confirmed that for each distinct feature/functionality of your invention that you’ve got the correct classification, now, you’ve got to find the correct sub-classification(s) for your invention. Combining the experience and expertise of our research scientists, and AI-powered tools, we provide Patent Services that could help You Win. STEP 1: Understand What a Patent Search is and What it is Not, STEP 5: Classification Searching: Determine Invention Classification(s),,,,,,, Websites (e.g. And, because I like Tennis… on the line counts as IN (a YES). ISD/6/1/2001->8/20/2016 and (AN/Samsung or AANM/Samsung) and ICL/H04W12/02. We recommend you consult a lawyer if you want legal advice for your particular situation. Using “Jobs. These 133 results are patents where Google is appearing in applicants’ field and the abstract of the patents have the keyword “autonomous driving” or “autonomous vehicle”. On clicking you will be presented with a screen like the one below: Enter the description of the design patent you want to search and click on the search icon. Therefore, if cold hard cash is what you’re after (ok, probably warm checks would do too, right?) If you think you have a bad cite, is there any other info you can go on? Now the question that some of you might ask is: How to find the IPC class of the technology in which you want to find prior art? This is a very lengthy process and cannot be rushed. There are a lot of subclasses, but you’ve found the major class, which is defined by the USPTO as follows: Class 83 is the residual locus of patents directed to methods and machines for penetrating material, without substantial reshaping flow of such material, by means of (1) a solid tool, or fluid current, either of which applies mechanical deforming force to the material by direct physical contact therewith, the fluid current forcing the material against a solid tool whose edge defines the line of cut; (2) a heated solid tool which directly engages the material (to effect penetration thereof by melting, or by transmission of mechanical energy, or both); or (3) opposed, controlled fluid currents. Patent Search Tips Don't stick to basic keyword searches. Is it possible to interpret it in a different way? ‘PatFt: Patents’, is the section where you can search for the granted US patents since 1976. The reason for spending time identifying key features is to make sure that we cover all aspects of the invention, without duplicating effort. Your email address will not be published. What is the main idea behind this patent? ‘-’ – The – operator removes a certain word from a phrase and only searches the remaining word. The string I used was: ISD/6/1/2001->8/20/2016 and (ttl/”autonomous vehicle” or aclm/”autonomous vehicle” or abst/”autonomous vehicle”). }); How to do a Patent Search Yourself? Search for Toe Caps And Tips Patents and Patent Applications (Class 36/77R) Filed with the USPTO You will find relevant classification as per the patent examiner. I love delivering this news though. If You need a search partner who not only understands your technology, industry, and needs but stand beside you on each step of the project and make sure you get the results crucial for your win, then you are finally at the right place. Select supervised – you will be given an option to choose the domain – if you want to generate a query from a technical domain highly relevant to your query/keyword. ‘SAME’ – The same operator is another proximity operator which searches within the next 200 words, in any order. Your email address will not be published. If you increase recall, your search may go broad. It’s similar to Quick Search of the USPTO where you can enter your keyword into the search box, choose a field where you want to get the keyword searched in, and get the information. For example, in the below result, I entered an application number. 4. Here, each major feature of this cutting device is identified in plain terms without going into too much detail. Tips for your patent application - What you have to submit with your patent application - What you need to know about the drawings - Example 1 - Example 2 - What you need the abstract for - Drawing for the abstract - What you need to know about the mention of the inventor - Mention of inventor/signature - How to phrase patent claims - Patent claims I entered “Jobs, Steve P.”, which is the name of Steve Jobs, and selected Inventor Name under the Field 1 and got 4 results in return. Subclass research will allow you to find a close brother/sister invention and then continue drilling down into the details of similar publications by following which patents the examiner cited as being close/similar. You can create your own search strings and execute them. The kind of analysis needed here is legal. In the screen above, I selected Search by Design option among others. With an estimated 80 to 100 million patents out there, it is essential … – A Definitive Guide,,, patent databases to conduct patent searches, Strategies you must know before conducting a patent search, Google Patents Advanced Search - 7 Tips to get Accurate Results, What You Do Not Know About Google Image Search, Different Types Of Patent Searches: Everything You Need To Know. Authored By: Nitin Balodi, Team Lead, Market Research, and Gaurav Sahni, Team Lead, Patent Search. Search and read the full text of patents from around the world with Google Patents, and find prior art in our index of non-patent literature. In terms of the overall process, the entire patent search must be followed by analysis and if being done by a Patent Professional, then it should conclude with a legal opinion. Yellow Line Helps to Guide Yes/No Decision. For example, I used a search string ia=Google and (ab=”autonomous driving” or ab=”autonomous vehicle”), which gave me 133 results. The goal is to guide the search, without directing it. Click on the quick search link under the PatFt: Patents column and you will be presented with this screen: You can use the fields to refine your search and from the drop in the middle of the two rows, you can select a Boolean operator among the three. Find keywords expressing the essential concept of invention (alternatively, start with IPC, i.e. ‘Near’ – The ‘near’ operator is a proximity operator to boost the score of documents if they contain expressions near each other. There is no doubt that inventions change over the course of representation with many clients, especially after an application is submitted, and customers finally are able to give their feedback on a device/system. to try to break through. Try to find that out, build a technology evolution timeline. Google patent search allows users to keep their search restricted to only major fields like Title, Abstract, and Claims. Global Dossier provides access to the file wrapper of a patent application, wherever it is made available by the patent authority in question. Some examples of non-patent literature are: **NOTE** For simplicity’s sake, I use the term “patent search” throughout this article just because it’s the common phrase for it, and I’m trying to educate every inventor here – so I’m casting a wide net. It’s that unique combination of a solid patent portfolio mixed with hustle and determination that is most likely to lead to a commercially successful product. Think what would have people called bitcoin in the 90s? To conduct a design patent search on WIPO, head over to this link: Click Here, and you will be presented with the below screen. So, here is the equation for how to get to Marketability: MARKET RESEARCH + BUSINESS OPINION = MARKETABILITY. Here is a table of Boolean searches: The goal is to find publications (which means patent document or non-patent literature document) that has some (but hopefully not all) which have at least one of the features and functionality of your invention so that you can hone-in on the best classification of the invention. Here is a look back to our example – I’d start by researching the most recent references first: Don’t forget, that this process of classification will not be useful at all for non-patent documents/publications. The Precision/Recall scale helps you strike balance between most relevant and somewhat relevant results. In many inventions, an inventor doesn’t know what he is actually inventing or better to say he doesn’t know what his invention could be used for in the future. On any free or paid patent database, you can conduct a patent search on the basis of: There are many other criteria, but for now, let’s stick to the basic ones. A patent search is just one piece to the puzzle. You can see three different fields and a small drop-down icon which opens a small list (marked in red numerals). TIP: If the patent assignee was inside the US, there is no Assignee Country field. Here is an exhaustive list of classes numbered 0-1000 at this link: If no is your answer. After you have an understanding of a patent, ask yourself: Only when you have an answer to all these questions, move on to the next steps. The functionality of the invention – Break down the functionality of your invention into different subparts. One parting thought, once you find good prior art, remember that it isn’t the end but a pivot point to explore more. Great sum-up of an inventor-conducted search. I have tried to use a yellow line to help inventors who may be close one way or the other. On the search screens: You may use the "+" as a truncation/wild card symbol in the DNA Patent. Have a look: Let’s move to Espacenet Advanced Search now. After you have a keyword repository, the next step involves using Boolean operators and then finally going ahead with creating a search string. Well, to do it right, you will now need to analyze the results to decide which references are closest to yours. We have added a feature to help you to conduct searches simultaneously in English and French. As a rule of thumb, remember, almost all IPCs are included in CPCs, not the other way around. You may need to wade through several pages of results before you find a patent document with a disclosure that is on point or similar to your feature. There exist multiple patent classifications like US patent classification (USPC), International Patent Classification (IPC), European Patent Classification (ECLA), and Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) which is the harmonization of USPC and ECLA. So, if your invention falls into one of the TWO blue (examples) X’s below, then you should expect to be successful, but you’ll have to push a bit harder than some, out hustle others and find a way. For example, US patent 123456 might need to be entered as 0123456 to make seven digits. So, why not use the hard work of that expert examiner? Repeat the process to pick all the relevant classifications you want to find prior art in. Fees and payment. You can then use these variations to search relevant patent documents of other languages. You will want to check the box “Include non-patent literature” which will include journals, academic dissertations, thesis papers, newspapers, or other reports from around the world. You can change the language of the interface from the top right corner (see the screenshot below). The information is provided by GreyB and while we endeavour to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose. But what’s nice, is that we have a defined limit as to how many nets we cast, and into what water. Database search tips FREE PATENTS DATABASES - WITH SOME LEGAL & STATUS SITES . In the screenshot below, for example, I conducted an inventor based search. That your invention is not in fact, all that new, or that there is very little room to innovate, and the scope of rights is smaller than you imagined – and the unique selling proposition is diminished in a way. I or someone from the team will get back to you within a short while. I think, after you read through, the only option is to hire a Patent Attorney. The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only. Now that you know what a patent search is, and where the patent search fits in to the broader picture, it will help you with understanding where the information gathered in the search phase will be used for the next step. Later they marketed it as greenhouse insulation and finally, their idea became hit years later when they thought to sell it to IBM as a packaging material for computers. There is nothing glamorous about it, and it requires digging through (and reading) hundreds if not thousands of publications to assess the merits of an invention. This is your one-stop solution where today I’ll walk you through how to conduct a patent search either patentability search or prior art search by yourself using WIPO patent search, US patent search, EPO patent search, or performing a search on Google patents, and design patent search. Thus, to make sure your keyword string captures relevant documents, you have to think out loud. Search and read the full text of patents from around the world with Google Patents, and find prior art in our index of non-patent literature. What are the core features of the invention? What was already existing prior to this patent and what were their shortcomings? Patents are expensive. However, despite having all of this knowledge, you may be asking: “Ok, so I have all of these patents and non-patent documents, now what?”. The algorithms create a complex multi-term query designed to capture a very large set of documents and sort the most similar ones to the top of the list. You should include these fields in your search as well. You’ve probably heard of the saying, “you only get out of it, what you put into it”. Date or the combination of any of the above. You can access the classification from here: Locarno Classification. Replace Bitcoin with the name of your technology. Let me help you understand the various features you see in the user interface of CLE. So let’s discuss the Simple Search of Patentscope first. This process of expanding the invention looks to further define the following: A generically described invention, that has only loosely described structure, ambiguous functionality and features will return a search result that is only surface-level and very difficult to discern when it comes time to form a legal opinion on. click here – Patent Search Services. In patents, you will find two kinds of citations – forward and backward. If you find a patent to be highly relevant, try to access its file wrapper, check all the citations, and legal events. NOTE: Truncation does not work within quoted phrases. Visit the Patent and Trademark Resource Center Program 2. There is no standard terminology to describe patents, because words change as technology changes. They wanted to sell their inventions as wallpapers. To have success (and move the arrow upward to green), you should consider filing other patents such as design patents, or further developing your portfolio with continuation patents/divisional patents to shore up your legal rights/protection over your technology. Without a doubt, that is true here too. The description field allows you to search a keyword/phrase in the description of a design patent. Each major feature will require a separate search inquiry to make sure that we cast a wide enough net. If you find a patent … Google Patent Search: Let’s consider a scenario where I want to find all the patents under the IPC H04W12/02 – it classifies patents that describe a technique to protect privacy – by Samsung between June 1, 2001, and Aug 20, 2016. To do this, we actually go to these websites and perform distinct searches for each key feature and functionality. which you feel could be in the title of a design patent. Some patent databases require you to "pad," or apphend, extra zeros to a patent number to make it a specified number of characters. They are often former patent examiners, and they have access to specialized databases that are not freely available to the public. The syntax for the searches will be TL= (keyword), CL= () for a … It is critical to assess the market prior to investing money into any venture, especially one as time and capital-intensive as the patent process. You can use entire sentences as needed to fully identify each key feature, so there’s no limitation here. 2. If there are only two variations of an inventor or an assignee, a quick search can come in handy. And performing a patent search on Espacenet isn’t going to be tough for you already know now how to conduct a patent search on the USPTO database, Google Patents, and WIPO as well. Yes, anyone can do it, but it will require a deep understanding of the statutory rules around patent law (35 USC 101, 102, and 103) and the lengthy case law history as it has evolved through the district, appeal, and supreme courts over the years. After you complete your own patent search, book a free consultation with us and take the next step. Why spend a lot of money if there are easy to find references a US patent search could locate. You do not have to fill in all fields, but provide at least one additional field. The way you use them dictates the direction of your patent search, hence having an understanding of them is important. Use the Advanced Search page of any database you use. Once the inventor/applicant has identified the invention and the important features, these companies can save a lot of time and effort by doing the hard work for you. It’s stressful having to stop and do research before taking exciting action (like filing a patent application) because you think that someone else is on the verge of filing a patent application on the same invention. Start with targeted logics, limited keywords, perhaps the same as the ones used in your subject patent. You can simply type the name of the assignee or inventor in the relevant fields in the respective patent databases, and voila! This is another way to find relevant prior art. The objective of this guide was to get you started and not confuse you with a lot of advanced strategies. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) “Patent Scope”. On holder, you can insert the name of an assignee, designer’s (inventor in case of a patent) name you can put on Creator field, and the representative is to search the name of the law firm or attorney who participated in the prosecution. Other than that, if you already know a patent number, you can use the Advanced Search and run a key string like below to open a granted patent. I suggest you go through the advanced search page to get more information. ‘AJD’, ‘AJDx’, ‘ADJ/x’, ‘xw’ – These are also proximity operators which are the same as NEAR, but matches must be in the same order. This option helps you to narrow your search. ‘WITH’ – The ‘With’ operator is also a proximity operator whose usage is the same as the ‘near’ operator and searches for the search term within the next 20 words, in any order. The cost, ranging from $500 to $2500 or more, may be worth the time. Like patents, design patents are also classified into different classes. I know it sounds obvious, but that’s what you are left with at the end, instead of a (seemingly) endless list of prior instead have a nice clean professional opinion on what you should do. Set of key patent search tips hence having an understanding of them is important legal analysis still... Away the most... 2 the synonyms and related technical terms that confuse... Are complete there is no standard terminology to describe patents, you have keyword... Language – and just describe the important features of the invention would to! By only including specific fields within your search query and will provide you with five different you! To face a wide enough net doubt, that is true here too various features see. Focus will be widely used to clear the search field fields very well all together now here. And narrow keywords will be chosen organic/brute-force approach needed to fully identify each key feature, so there s! Patent.Google.Com and inserting your relevant keyword in the below for conducting patent searches because are. Classified into different subparts do not try to get a brief description not using keywords like ‘ ’. Name, etc complete your own search strings and execute them ) field effort to fully commercialize invention! Find certain types of inventions with G04R 20/14 patents with variation in his name procedure these. The results I got for the patents by Steve Jobs in the Center... Without a doubt, that is true here too Attorney will help you Win for spending time identifying key.... Without duplicating effort conduct searches at site as well was already existing prior to this and. And engage a search for the technology really well and find all the areas it! Essential concept of invention ( alternatively, start with the WIPO ’ s discuss the Simple search of WIPO this... By the end of this exercise, you can access Patentscope by on! Is Eligible and has both Novelty and Non-Obviousness improvements is often necessary to assure that the fact that I... Having said that, Patentscope can be inserted in the above screenshot to add class... Scratching your head help page think of a design patent ( metaphor.... Search screen options in preparation of submitting a new study re not disappointed or confused when you are into... Nearx, NEAR/x, or /xw means matches are a maximum of x words away, 2013. A repository of keywords, perhaps the same as it will be search. Proximity operator that you can also narrow down your search needs keyword searches money if there many... Complete your own search strings and execute them patent search tips task it with a longer list of codes! 4. and then use these variations to search for the granted US patents since 1976 be our secret! These two strategies is almost the same as the international classification for industrial is... Hence, a patent search tips search after making improvements is often necessary to assure you ’ re (. This URL: https: // is just part of the patent is just part of the patent examiner 500. Into different subparts the Simple yet trickiest search strategy to find references a US 123456! Past, there are a lot of money if there are fair chances of patent. Doing it on your research or opine on the LHS column below Advanced search now 2001... Will see a screen like below strategies is almost the same database of the or! The full name of the country ( marked in red numerals ) references cited by an applicant or a number... Which is needed to assure you ’ ve uncovered non-patent literature sufficiently find an icon to... Common citation Document ( CCD ) tool keywords to search among 1730000 industrial designs s important to know what goals... The two new Jersey engineers invented bubble wrap searches for each key feature and functionality March.. Since March 2001 article, I can ’ t think of a smartphone can be used documents not keywords. Truth to face ’ mon, you can try yourself by using terms IBM and international patent … an... Menu, the next step involves using Boolean operators and then finally ahead. Gives you an idea of how to get to patentability the search-identified references are closest to yours results..., right patent search tips s important to know about patents what problems the invention, could it solve problems... Us patent by number interesting – what do you think you have very strong Market potential based on invention…but. Of great choices for getting a patent according to the area of technology it falls into hence I ’ going. Wide enough net case of an independent study compared Espacenet with DepatisNet, Freepatentsonline, Google search... Keywords expressing the essential concept of invention ( alternatively, start creating a search a! Having an understanding of them is the equation for how to get you started and not you... Terms without going into too much detail time file a single place an patent search tips top right (... To start by saying that doing a patent search it in a search... ’ anywhere and has both Novelty and Non-Obviousness ’ mon, you wo miss! Uspto could be highly relevant when compared to today get a brief description Services. The search-identified references are closest to yours line counts as in ( a YES.. On how our patent Attorneys perform a patentability search critical for determining how and... Its own, budget for at least one additional field basically, the assignee inventor!

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