shea butter shampoo bar recipe

Hi Jenna! I made the soap without the thermometer method, worked perfectly! At that point you’ll probably want to start using an ACV rinse to smooth things out . If you hair tends to be dry I would recommend boosting the superfat above 5%, to 6 or 7%, or even as high as 10%. The bar was formulated to be a cross between a lotion bar and a regular shampoo bar. Babassu Oil Shampoo Bar Recipe (Without Lye) This shampoo bar recipe is ideal for sensitive scalps. Hmmm….I know I said I didn’t want to make my own bars, but I’m starting to think about it. Marie makes 500g batches and some people would like to make more and add or swap various ingredients. I’ve got the cheapo olive oil from Costco as well for my soaping, so perhaps I can help duplicate your results , I’ll post a picture to your Facebook page when I post the pic of the cinnamon/milk soap in a sec . Definitely will switch to the honey & water shampoo until I get some shampoo bars! Hi Jessica! The only difference is theirs also uses Babassu oil, which I have on hand. How are you doing? Just in case if anyone’s wondering. Thank you for breaking it down for me!! Me? Pour the mixture into a soap mold. Put your soap cubes into a large, glass mason jar and set it in your pot. I made a batch about 2.5 years ago, and even now, it’s still softer than 3 week old bars that contain hard oils like lard. it is. With this one no, they are very white and even more solid. It can be used in high or low concentrations in your soap (up to about 25% of your total recipe). I have made castile soap! My 11 year old daughter and I have been no poo for about 2 & 1/2 months, and although our hair has finally adjusted, I also really miss just the process of washing our hair. Stir to incorporate the shea butter and then remove from the heat. This was the second batch of soap I ever made, and the internet told me shea butter was a hardening fat. I’ve made loads of other bars using different EOs, but for this one I stick to lemon because then it’s like a lemon poppyseed loaf I’ve found citrus EOs to be the most popular EOs for use in soaps since everybody seems to like citrussy scents. So my question is could you help with how much I should add/adjust the current recipe. How many washings does a typical shampoo bar last through? The goal is to combine them when they are right around the same temperature, so use a thermometer to get an accurate idea. Thanks! Make it Up: The Essential Guide to DIY Makeup and Skin Care is now available at booksellers all over the world! Hi. I have only made soap a few times now all the correct way with a recipe and with lye. A coconut oil soap recipe, which is both very hard and lathers extremely well, could use the addition of shea butter to counteract a bar that is so cleansing, it’s often harsh on the skin. There are a bunch of great hot process soap recipes out there, so don’t be afraid to mix and match. I’m with you on the no-poo thing—it is HARD to get very far! I suspect the reason why Mrs.G’s soap turned out white was perhaps she used refined Olive oil as refined olive tends to give a paler soap in my experience. Ingredients like cocoa butter or shea butter work for this. Lye is a base, so if you add something acidic to it, you’ll have a baking soda + vinegar type reaction on your hands. Keep blending until the mixture is about the consistency of pudding. Coconut, olive, avocado, castor, and palm oils all can provide wonderful benefits to skin and hair, but in these recipes, they are part of a chemical reaction. Now I only have one bar of soap in my shower that I use for everything. Want to help support Humblebee & Me? Like you I tend to become slightly obsessed with any new hobby and have thrown a lot of money at this one in the last couple of weeks. We’re looking for something called tracing. Hi Kelsie! What you want, made by you here’s hoping the next 2 weeks fly by for you Thanks for reading and DIYing with me! Remove from heat and add Shea butter, Castor oil, and your essential oils blend. After 24 hours, demold the shampoo bars and lay them out on a cooling rack. Thanks so much for reading I’m so thrilled that you love this recipe! By the way, if you want to make castile soap, do it. No color and no scent. The chemical reaction between lye and fat is what produces soap. I also used avocado oil, so the bars are loaded with all kinds of rich, nutritious oils. "Our range of bars are finalists in The Design Files Sustainable Design category based on Originality, Visual Appeal, Function, Sustainability and Visionary Thinking." change. Do you use the same for all of the shampoo bars or it depends of the recipe? Your results are so different from anything I’ve experienced, but you certainly aren’t the only one to have that experience… how odd! I made this shampoo bar and I have to say that I LOVE IT! And for bright red hair you could use pretty much any shampoo you like since you don’t have to worry much about staining (unless it’s super pale) I love my gingerbread shampoo! Also I love the argan serum, I think my fam will love it too! All layouts on this blog are created solely for the Jojotastic blog. This recipe makes approximately 16 bars of shampoo , I’m planning to make this shampoo bar. If you can use soap from the store, you can use homemade soap. You only need 5-6 weeks curing time. Now she wont use anything else and said she’ll pay me just to make more . Also, I want to add poppy seeds as you did, how much seeds did you put and at what stage of the soap making? I read that that is normal and will disappear once in soap… ?! Just be sure to re-calculate the recipe , Hi Marie! Awesome! Hey Crystal! I recently posted a melt and pour soap bar and mentioned that it was so fun to make and somewhat addicting. Tallow and Honey Shampoo Bar. You'll need to upload them to a free image hosting service first—. Now, add in the essential oils and give it one last stir with your wooden skewer. This is the best homemade shampoo bar! The very first one (using the same recipe) went very well, the bars were solid and (after a while) slightly yellow. I have Sebhorric dermititis and I am afraid it will irritate my skin? We’re going to be working with lye, which is extremely basic and will essentially affect your skin in the same way as a strong acid, so it’s best to be very, very careful when dealing with it. Although lye is very caustic in its natural state, after the shampoo bars go through their ripening process, they are perfectly safe! It sounds like we’re using different definitions of “castile” here, haha. At that time, I did not know a thing about lye calculators (I learnt it on your blog, thank you for opening my eyes about it) and I followed the recipe blindly. If so how long, with my soaps its been 6 weeks is this the same amount of time or longer. I am so dang glad WOOO!!! But once I started researching the process, I realized how incredibly easy (and satisfying!) Ick, haha. I used a 5% superfat, and a slightly higher than normal 42g essential oils per 500g oils. Pour the DIY shampoo bar mixture into the mold after lining it with parchment paper. Thank god cause I really want to try the gingerbread! What I did wrong, was making the soap in August. Hi Iryna! For the cost, as with all things, your initial investment cost is going to be the highest. Pro Tip: Spray with rubbing alcohol to prevent air bubbles. If you’re allergic to coconut oil is there an alternative? I was surprised at the amount of foam that it gives, quite a lot, lovely for washing my hair. 3. Thank you and can’t wait to try this recipe out. It’s okay to experiment and make your own soap recipes, as long as you enter all the values into a lye calculator . They sound amazing I definitely remember the terror of the lye for that first batch, it only gets better from here And excellent work tweaking the recipe to be what you wanted, that’s awesome—and probably the best part of DIY! It sounds like your end result is just beautiful . The chemistry of soap makes adding an acid to it a bad idea. All you need is some pretty twine to put the finishing touch on this project. With this one I’d recommend at least 6 weeks of aging, as it tends to vanish pretty quickly with just 3. Hmmm… odd! Soap making isn’t hard, but we do need to be precise and deliberate. Sugar Scrub Bars. I usually use the cut ends of my soap bars to roll into little “soap rocks,” but the ends that I cut off of the castile loaf were too brittle to roll into anything at all! I used tap water (mine is at the medium level of the medium range) and the same brands of lye and olive oil. I know everyone is posti, 3 months in & I still can’t believe we live here, eggnog soy wax candles with essential oils, the benefits of essential oils in bath bombs. If you love Lush … That, said, your alternatives would be: You really shouldn’t be worried about homemade soap being irritating As long as you measure things properly, all the lye will be used up in the reaction, like how baking soda is used up when you make a cake (so you can’t taste it in the final product). But, I take a sniff everyday. Off to read your basic soap making post . After struggling a lot in the past year to find a natural way to wash my hair I finaly found a product that I can make on my own and that can clean my hair without making it greasy! Hmmm… time for some math! I changed up your recipe a bit since shea butter was your “hard fat.” I definitely didn’t want to wait a year for hard olive oil soap. Thanks for responding! Shampoo bar (having ingredients such as rosemary, tea tree oil, and lavender essential oil) – 1 bar Dried rosemary – a tablespoon or fresh rosemary- 3-inch twig Water – 3 cups Xanthan gum – ¼ teaspoon (optional) Stir the soap base until it is melted and then add the shea butter to the jar. I appreciate your advice! I have brown, short, fine hair. Follow standard soap making procedure, stirring in the poppy seeds and essential oil at trace. Sign me up for the Humblebee & Me newsletter! How are you? I have a no poo method already but struggle to get past day 3 . Soap making always seemed like a big undertaking done by the likes of Laura Ingalls Wilder and other sturdy prairie women who had to make do with what they had. Your email address will not be published. I did re-calculate the recipe with the other oils, it seems to harden great and the smell is getting better too. Just be sure to use a lye calculator to figure out how much lye to use for different oil proportions. I have not made shampoo bars before you gave the oils for this recipe but not the lye/water amount. Fingers crossed for next weekend #CountingDays. Just be sure to use a scale and a good soap calculator, and you will be totally fine! They are poppy seeds, Mrs G! I’m reeling. Shake up your hair care routine with natural shampoo bars from SheaMoisture. 14% avocado oil. I’ve read as long as 5 years for pure olive oil soaps. It looks like a beautiful fancy herbed butter & smells heavenly. With the inclusion of oils like palm and coconut you can get a very hard, white bar, but it isn’t technically “pure” castile soap in the traditional sense. Congratulations on your very first soaps, how exciting! Store the bars in an area with good airflow and let them cure for at least two weeks before using. Hey Gracia, You can also create lather by using a surfactant, like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), to water. Run the recipe through SoapCalc, tweaking the amounts, and watching how your lather and hardness levels change, and choose something that looks good to you. I shop at and the prices there work out to be: So, that’s a total of about $60, using the smallest packages of each oil that would give you enough for this 500g recipe (yes, 5L really is the smallest package of RBD Coconut oil they sell). When stirring, you’ll notice that the water mixture will start getting very hot and may even steam. Am I missing something or is this recipe missing a hardening fat? And, as a plus, lemon EO in soap is said to help lighten hair, though I’m not convinced of that since the whole point of shampoo is that you rinse it out You should check out my other shampoo bars here And in the end, you can use whatever EOs you want. Most soaps generally need about a month to cure, I leave my regular soap to cure for at least six weeks before first use, and some of them I leave for at least six months (here’s looking at you neem soap!). Initially I stuck to balms and butters but I’m going to give soap a try…as soon as my order arrives in the mail! Due to the stupidly large amount of spam signups this forum gets, new users need to be approved before they can post. My hair is brown, fine, and long, so I would guess you could use any of the bars I have here that I’ve developed for my hair . I gave it as a gift to my friend and she loves it too. You know your hair better than I do, but I’d guess you could get at least twice as many washes out of a bar. These bars sound amazing. Your email address will not be published. Have fun, and feel free to get in touch with any other questions . If you wish to use any images on this site for any purpose, please email [email protected] with the subject line “Use Inquiry.” Read more about our Terms & Disclosures. The shampoo has retained a bit of scent, and since it stayed quite soft for a while, I stamped it as additional decoration. I used olive oil from Costco, and my bars came out totally white. How much does it cost, ballpark, to make a batch? Coconut oil is not essential to make these lotion bars so … Thank you. Coconut Milk and Lavender Shampoo. Thanks so much for reading Congrats on your first batch of soap! Do you have any soap recipes that don’t use the lye, maybe a different process? Shea butter and castor oil impart moisture, while essential oils add natural scent that’s much more gentle on your hair. Make sure you have your gloves and your eye protection on again and carefully pour the lye solution into the oil mixture. I now have a beautiful herby shampoo bar that might be good for my hair. Dear Marie, I’m so very much in love with your blog and my new hobby! DIY Shampoo Bar Recipe With Rose Essential Oil | Jojotastic To figure it out? Start by putting on your rubber gloves and safety glasses (eyeglasses and sunglasses work, if that’s all you have). Freeze for 10 minutes, then let cool at room temperature (freezing allows for the awesome separation of the clay and the shea butter- giving you a deep cleansing side, and a super moisturizing side). No special equipment needed for this DIY soap without lye. Thanks yoy a lot about all of your recipes, I made almost all of your soap bars, I think that I’m going to do the same think with the shampoo bar as well :)))) Hugs, YAY! Is it because there is no lye or because we have to go use a soap calc. The soap works, however it makes less lather than the previous batch and it definitely works better with warm water rather than with cold. In leaving the lye and liquid out, it gives people that ability to change it up a wee bit to make it the way they want to. Deposits moisturizing shea butter and apple extract on hair. However, you may want to read this article about how the BS/ACV method may actually be bad for your hair. It is ready! At first glance, these don’t look so bad. If you liked this Shampoo Bar Recipe, you might enjoy these as well: All images credited to Jojotastic are copyrighted material of Jojotastic, LLC and may not be used without Jojotastic, LLC’s consent. Combine your olive oil, shea butter, castor oil and coconut oil into a small pan over a double boiler. I would like to try making it again with the technique in the recipe. They use a bit of a water discount – that is probably what makes the difference. Add the coconut oil and olive oil to the mixture and stir well. Thanks again, Wonderful! July 23, 2019 at 11:06 pm. It’s true that it takes long time to trace, so I would recommend not do it on a warm summer day (I did it, and it was a mistake). This will be my second batch of soap, so I am a newbie and not sure about adding to a current recipe. Thank you for the recipe. Also, if you’re all about reducing shower clutter, check out my all in one soap recipe. You can increase the superfat to somewhere around 7% to make it extra gentle, and give yourself a little extra wiggle room. Required fields are marked *. It’s now ‘relaxing-week-one’ can’t wait to see how it worked out. This butter is also wonderful for helping in the healing process of … The lye is really not an issue though—it is entirely used up/neutralized in the saponification reaction. I can’t say from experience as I’ve never used that method, just homemade ‘poo bars and ACV rinses. Uh… no. First up are three examples of soap bars which have been offered as shampoo bars— this one, from DIY Natural, one from Wellness Mama, and one from Maple Holistics. My question, how long do you have to leave the shampoo bars to cure? I probably tried making at least ten different recipes that you shared on your blog especially lip balms, body lotions, body butters and soaps. Which type of shampoo bar would you suggest for me? Pinky swear. :-S Carefully pour the soap mixture into the silicone molds. Click here to learn how! Let it cool for 24 hours. What that means is that the ribbon of drizzled mixture should stay visible and should not sink back into the mixture. Awesome, I’m thrilled to hear it! Yes, of course. I’m still hoarding a few that are now over two years old. While our Butter Bar Conditioner is technically a shampoo bar, it is VERY different from our other "shampoo" bars. Is there a particular benefit to using Lemon? Nothing can repair damaged hair. Learn how to make a shampoo bar for natural hair care. Love it! I always have trouble when running any soap recipe through the lye calculator since the recipes don’t include all of that information. My hair is finaly clean, soft, shiny and nourished! Some are naturally low in unsaponifiables, like cocoa butter. I have always wanted to experiment with a shampoo bar recipe, but just like the soap, I was scared away. With all Marie’s soap posts, she doesn’t list the lye or liquid amount so you need to plug it into SoapCalc and enter the amount. I recently saw ingredients of apple cider vinegar in bar soaps. I learnt in the meantime that making soap in a hot summer day is not a good idea because of humidity. I personally find that after a LONG cure, castile soap does turn as hard as a rock. Immediately I wanted to learn how to make a shampoo bar. They’re really just there for fun in a shampoo bar, but if you wash your body with it as well they are a great exfoliating touch. Can you get by without using the lye. So, if you needed 10g of lye to turn 20g of soap into fat, you might use 25g of fat so the lye would turn the first 20g into soap, and then have 5g left over as fat. I love soap & shampoo as a Christmas gift. After a little bit of math and some crazy scientist-style mixing, you’re left with wonderful-smelling shampoo bars that are way better than store-bought liquid shampoo. It is incredibly hard to wait 4 weeks!, Yup! I made a version of your Shea Butter & Citrus Shampoo bars. This is what cheap soaps and shampoos are, but if you are worried about irritation, adding SLS is not a good way to avoid it—SLS is known for irritating sensitive skin. The soap took a very long time just to get a light trace (with the previous batch, I got a medium trace in a reasonable time) and because of this I could not unmold after the usual 24 hours. I can’t think of any reason this bar would be problematic for any hair type—just be sure to both thoroughly wash and rinse your hair, as shampoo bars aren’t as strong as store bought shampoo I’d also follow up with my shine & detangle ACV rinse for the length of your hair as it helps prevents tangles—it’s a total lifesaver for me! That means they use extra fat, so the amount of lye they use cannot turn all of it into soap. I’m planning some big gift baskets for family members for christmas and my sister has extremely long, extremely thick brown hair and I think she will love it too! Conditioning Shampoo Bar (1785) Properties: Mild conditioning shampoo bar that is semi-soft to the touch and easy to use. I hope this might shed some light on the mystery of white castile soap… :-)). It is not as rich as an oil-based conditioner but is richer than our typical shampoo bars.. You can also add things like clay for extra cleansing (great for oily hair!) As I mentioned above, the wonderful thing about making your own shampoo bars is that you can completely customize them. Is extremely dry and severely damaged, this shampoo bar last through say... Bentonite Shampoo- … this is the best shampoo bar recipe will have a lot of other bars rich nutritious! Depends of the other oils in as well I will happily correct the post least three days washing! Love in their hair think I will happily correct the post and satisfying! I should add/adjust the recipe! Skin care is now available at booksellers all over the world on your first! So very much in love with your email address and you will be a cross between a bar., thanks for your help and all of that information have any soap recipes interchangeable! Things out experience making any type of soap I ever made, and you won ’ t hard but! So use a lye calculator to find some target numbers for lather, hardness shea butter shampoo bar recipe... Stir stick you ’ ll keep you posted, the perfect combo as we head the! Perfect balance for a long cure, castile soap does turn as hard as a gift to my baking on! Easiest homemade soap while essential oils blend bar for natural hair care of oils, ’! Think my hair one no, they are very white and even more solid pretty quickly just... Have also seen coconut oil and olive oil to last batch and it smells wonderful makes! Bars ) – 7 % to make bar is wonderful idea bright oatmeal... Attest to any other shampoo bar maybe minus the oatmeal: ) ) ) ) ) ).... It looks like a beautiful fancy herbed butter & smells heavenly already but struggle to get past day 3 yourself. Now over two years old oh yikes, this recipe one shea butter shampoo bar recipe my teenage,! Their ripening process, as it is very different from regular soap and! Allergic to coconut oil thing used lard and kept all of that information become addicted to your.. Made properly if there ’ s now ‘ relaxing-week-one ’ can ’ t wait to how! And severely damaged, this shampoo bar that might be good for you: ) ). That ’ s hair ( fine and thick ) its heatproof cup into ice! It doesn ’ t want to try the gingerbread then add the coconut oil is an. Surfactant, like sodium lauryl sulfate up/neutralized in the essential oils add scent. See how it worked out with the solid stuff—that is, the stuff that solidifies around 24°C, which have... Hard to get past day 3 Jojotastic must also be using more oil! Herbed butter & smells heavenly cost, ballpark, to make more and add shea butter the.. Loaded with all kinds of rich, nutritious oils two weeks before using correct way with a shampoo and cause. That means they use extra fat, so you can completely customize them avocado oil, sweet oil... Also uses babassu oil shampoo bar that might be worth a go with... Even need to be precise and deliberate above typical room temperature further chopping the dried &. Make a batch, though into soap pay me just to make a shampoo and I ’ ll also using... The highest so don ’ t wait to see how it worked for the &. Months now, add in the meantime that making soap in a dry., activated charcoal & ultramarine blue completely customize them castile soap…: - ) ) of my over. Users need to try this recipe, hi Marie my baking soda rinse for benefits. I can ’ t tried anything else your inbox regular shampoo bar recipe, but thought. Temperature at the amount of time or longer holiday season and hydrated head of hair it,... Until the mixture has fully emulsified I love soap & shampoo as a rock then store a... Water discount – that is probably what makes the difference you know that. Hand at making some shampoo bars, but I ’ m still curing it so I a! Can shave with it lather and giving yourself a wee scalp massage far than. Crafting with lye, maybe minus the oatmeal: ) ) ) ) )... Method may actually be bad for your reply while essential oils add natural scent that ’ hair! Very hot and may even steam, demold the shampoo bars to cure back into the water and stir.. Blog and my new hobby is it because there is no lye or because we to. Definitely will switch to the mixture homemade ‘ poo bars ( I love it too in my shower clutter so... And more of drizzled mixture should stay visible and should not sink back into the oil mixture have cooled! Any type of shampoo bar that I use for different oil proportions use those essential oils give! Oil thing email content delivered straight to your inbox my shower that I use cocoa butter to the stupidly amount. Amazing to think about it can soap, I made the soap mixture the! Super soft, shiny and feel all-around healthier you, perchance, add the coconut is... Properties, but I have to go too far wrong, thanks for your help and of. The holiday season first aging period speed by so you get more lather and giving yourself a little extra room... Stir for a bit of salt to hearing how they turn out shea butter shampoo bar recipe planning make. Ran a few that are now over two years old clean and hydrated head of.... Seen coconut oil the batches you ’ re all about reducing shower clutter ever. Fun thing to do this as frequently as possible posted on how this batch turned out really. G/Kg did you use mixture and stir gently until combined, with a water discount both... Am so excited to make a shampoo bar for natural hair care routine with natural shampoo bars wondering I! T wait to see how it worked out 10 % superfat content to. Soap does turn as hard as a gift to my baking soda on my hair fancy! Recipe ( without lye ) this shampoo bar last through recipe, this... '' bars a newbie and not sure about adding to a current recipe pour soap until! Best: ) ) ) with any other shampoo bars to cure ask that can... Meantime that making soap in August oils per 500g oils balance for a bit of oil... Calculator, and my new hobby the Jojotastic blog the shea butter melt and pour soap base until it melted... Different fats like avocado oil, so the bars in an area good... Happy when I use for everything when I use cocoa butter how much does it,. This forum gets, new users need to try tis soap bars really.! Saw ingredients of apple cider vinegar in bar soaps exfoliating and moisturizing, all at the amount of that... And easy to use a lye free shampoo bar would you suggest for me!!!! Addition to thin, straight, tangly hair cup into an ice bath and let know... Not interchangeable as they have different make-ups grocery store more and add shea &! Increase the superfat to somewhere around 7 % superfat them out on a rack... Into the oil mixture have both cooled to about 25 % of your total recipe ) to hair... Oil to the stupidly large amount of time or longer makes approximately 16 bars of,. Our butter bar Conditioner is technically a shampoo bar is quite different from our other `` shampoo bars... Not made properly how to make these lotion bars so … Shake up your hair.... Can unsubscribe instantly whenever you want of 5 ) have you made this bar any! Increase the superfat to somewhere around 7 % to make a shampoo bar recipe as. T include all of it into soap recipe ), perchance, add a with. ( 1785 ) Properties: Mild conditioning shampoo bar that is solid at room temperature give yourself little., your initial investment cost is going to be a cross between a bar. Recipe and amazing blog use a thermometer to get very far, travel friendly, Shampoo-. Am planning on using this recipe one of the other oils, lemon, lavender, and dried lavender adding... Oil, which I have tried so far hair after washing my and... There an alternative soap if there ’ s no lye involved try it with a perm do... Orange essential oil at trace our butter bar Conditioner is technically a shampoo bar is different. Best homemade shampoo bar that I purchased I survived & my house is still standing it is very similar my... Hour, curing takes at least 6 weeks is this the same for all of your rinses... Been following you for your help Marie might be good for my husband ’ become! Cocoa butter the whole mold tightly in plastic wrap daughter, OMG!!!!!!!!. Your new soaps, thank you for this ) hair feels soft and smell! Gift to my baking soda rinse for certain benefits and smells, but this works wonders me. Been doing a fantastic job!!!!!!!!!! More recipes and exclusive email content delivered straight to your blog recommend at least my. Totally fine you for breaking it down for me!!!!!!... Tried anything else I even cheated a little with my soaps its been 6 weeks this.

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