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She is later chosen by the Black Canary to help reform the Birds of Prey, but later betrays the group. Following Slither's death, Nina arranged for the group to take his ashes and throw them in his father's face. In the episode "Black Jesus", Tobias Whale has Joey Toledo murder the morgue doctor who previously told him that Black Lightning died from their last battle. Shiva is eventually hired by Reverend Hatch, the corrupt adjunct to the mayor of Hub City, to fight troublesome masked crimefighter the Question. to New York City to apprehend Doctor Psycho, who had escaped from a H.I.V.E. The unique feature of the Hyenas was that they turned into werehyena forms whenever they were under great emotional stress, not only when there was a full moon. During this time, he fell in love with his peer, Ahti. The two became close friends, and Jackson frequently aided Ronnie during the numerous episodes wherein the latter would find himself embroiled in conflicts with school jerk Cliff Carmichael. At this point, it was discovered that the unpleasant face he usually presented was not false at all. In the episode "The Flash & The Furious", the Weather Witch is seen on trial. However, Batman never reported the death; at the time, he had been attempting to establish a criminal alias for himself to help him gather information, but the exclusive nature of the criminal sects meant that no one would recruit someone that they had not heard of, prompting him to adopt Matches' identity and use it for his own. She was also the roommate and girlfriend of Kate Kane, who was herself the Brigade Executive Officer, one rank above Sophie. Operating from London, England, Dodger will steal and/or sell anything from information to advanced technology. However, Jonathan Kent presses the safety switch on the "cutoff" device, which removes "Kator's" superpowers from Draper, and Superboy removes the memory of Draper ever being Kator.[77][78]. Labs. 's custody. When Carson fought Cyclotronic Man, he fought him to a standstill as Carson started to copy his abilities. In the memory featuring Lillian snooping in Lionel's briefcase, Clark witnessed Lionel's verbal and physical abuse of both Lex and Lillian, as well as watched Lex try to help his mother up, but Lillian uncharacteristically told him that he had done enough and walked away from him. Isis got lost and was found on the streets by Doctor Milo, who used the cat for one of his twisted experiments. Under the orders of Black Star, False-Face was sent to New Orleans to rob riches from those sponsoring the Mardi Gras event. As a result of the scandal, the college Wendy attended expelled her to avoid scrutiny, causing Wendy to return to the college and kill the fraternity members who ruined her by removing the air from their fraternity house and suffocating all the residents to death. Nereus led his forces into invading Atlantis, where Mera was captured. With help from Peter Gambi, Jefferson Pierce becomes Black Lightning, where he beats up Joey Toledo's men. An allusion to Jerry appeared in the pilot episode of the 1990s CBS The Flash, with him being renamed David and his death being the motivation for Tina's helping of Barry Allen. Shiva eventually travels to Manchuria to visit with her godfather, the O-Sensei, former instructor of Richard Dragon and Bronze Tiger. Unlike Superman, Preus can fire beams of black energy from his eyes that strike a target with intense heat and force. Nevil reveals that he has been experiment with surviving nuclear war. He and his wife Moira were killed by lions during an African safari.[232]. To make amends, Kyle used his power ring to give Paul new legs. After attacking an airplane where he was defeated by the Flash, Kid Flash and XS, the CCPD truck that was transporting him was intercepted by the Cicada, who used a meta-tech dagger to kill him. Shiva continues to work as a mercenary for money, challenge, and perfection of her skills. Her original characterization as Hunter's love interest is seen with Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker). Sensing a human life, Kilg%re decided to help coax Max into further succeeding his own plans, as well as Max's subconscious plans of self-actualization. Shiv In The Comics Cindy Burman first appeared in Stars and STRIPE #1 in August 1999, where she was established as the head cheerleader of Blue Valley High School and the queen bee of the popular kids. The sale is interrupted by Batman and Robin, who battle the two. The real Catwoman appeared and, during her attack on the villains, beat Bend savagely with a baseball bat. Through such advantages, Kilg%re and Max were able to create a better duplicate of the Justice League signal device, begin a recruitment drive and find willing villains, gaining additional muscle such as Booster Gold and a new Ace android. [148] Lady Eve has the Kobra soldiers place everybody against the wall. Creators: Len Kaminski and Anthony Williams. She eventually turned herself into the H.I.V.E. Her associate and friend Holly Robinson has taken over the identity of Catwoman. Bend, now obsessed with Catwoman and bent on revenge, has targeted Holly, not realizing that he is going after the wrong person. [181] When Aquaman arrived, he and Mera fled from Xebel when Nereus and his men pursued them. In the episode "The Book of Occupation Chapter Three: Agent Odell's Pipe-Dream," it was suspected by Lynn that Cyclotronic Man was the carrier for a man-made virus that the Markovians used to infect the metahumans in the A.S.A. The Zuggernaut is a supervillain and symbiotic alien life form in the DC Universe. [140], Komodo (Simon Lacroix) first appears in Green Arrow (vol. [Comics 2]. When Gotham fell into ruin, he took over a museum, stored various weapons he collected from other super villains, and used various booby traps to protect them. When Dragon King made their home in Blue Valley, Nebraska, Cindy and her father went up against the New Star-Spangled Kid (Courtney Whitmore) and her step-father and former All-Star Squadr… In the episode "What's So Funny About Truth, Justice & the American Way? Several centuries later (with the help of obtained water from a Lazarus Pit), she became a black ops agent, leading her squad in undercover operations in Syria. Within the context of the stories, the Headhunter is a mercenary and nemesis of Batman. 2) #3 (August 2001). Lady Shiva is most likely the deadliest assassin in the DC Universe. Allegra Garcia is the daughter of Eduardo Reyes / Wavelength, a supervillain. During the Thinker's Enlightenment, Young's cellphone was hit with debris from the villain's exploding satellite, turning it into a meta-tech phone capable of controlling people's minds. Joey Toledo is first seen with Syonide in the episode "The Resurrection" when they bring Latavius "Lala" Johnson to Tobias Whale following Black Lightning's re-emergence and his attack on the Seashell Motel that was a front for the 100. Then, while most of the Elite goes underground, Vera is finally fully overtaken by the disembodied Manchester Black. The character, created by Gerry Conway and Pat Broderick, first appeared in The Fury of Firestorm #1 (June 1982) as Lorraine Reilly. While the two of them got away in Leslie's car, Zsasz and the Headhunter went out for smoothies when they saw the police cars arriving. [180], When King Ryus died and Mera fell in love with Aquaman, Nereus was sworn in as the new King of Xebel. The character has been adapted for the direct-to-DVD animated feature Superman vs. Lady Shiva (real name Sandra Woosan, Sandra San or more recently Sandra Wu-San) is a fictional character appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. As a bonus, she offers to train him in one weapon, and he chooses the bo staff. He and other members kidnap Felicity Smoak on the orders of Clinton Hogue, reminiscent how he kidnapped her earlier in "Dodger". Reign is gifted with superhuman strength, speed and endurance and is an adept swordswoman and hand-to-hand combatant.[237]. As his idea of "play" became killing sprees, Vera's perspective became twisted. Lashawn Baez was a graduate student at Central City Medical School, but put her studies aside to help her father Tomas when he got ill, requiring a kidney transplant. Although Oracle is unable to use her legs, she is victorious, although Spy Smasher attempts to go back on their deal. Sophie Moore was a cadet captain at West Point, where she held the rank of S-3, or Operations Officer. He continued as a member of Firestorm in another incarnation, as an Elemental, but was eventually removed from the Firestorm Matrix so that Martin alone could bear the powers. He later confessed to Clark that he was in denial about her impending death and spent the time researching treatments and doctors instead of being with her. 1 Also Called 2 Capabilities 3 Applications 4 Associations 5 Limitations 6 Known Users 7 Gallery Martial Arts Merging MMA intuition The user can combine and utilize multiple forms of martial arts at once, allowing them to effectively … In this depiction, Yuda Kal was a Kryptonian goddess of life and birth worshipped by the Juru, the first people of Krypton, but was soon erased with Rao and the ways of science by modern Krypton, becoming feared as a dark, evil deity. Variations of the character have been introduced in Batman #113 (February 1958) and Birds of Prey #112 (January 2008). Isis is Selina Kyle's pet cat. [133], Joey Toledo appears in DC Rebirth as a sleazy small-time entrepreneur who sold a sci-fi gun to Rick Simmons. The secret to being undefeatable, Shiva explains, is to not fear death, even to seek it. After Rupture's death, Dante and Cisco develop a better brotherly bond. Auerbach eventually was put in charge of KN News, where he had a hand in determining much of the content that the network covered. Esperanza Garcia is the adoptive mother of Allegra Garcia. He appears on TV, announcing that Russia is closing their borders to all foreigners, be they metahuman or not. Although he has not told his superiors, he strongly suspects that Carla is involved in the attacks. Due to Adeline's intervention, Joseph, who had been working with her, joined the Titans as Jericho. Unlike the comics, this iteration of the character uses hostages with bomb collars to steal for him, rather than alien technology. Carson then introduced himself to those taking the tour, while reporting to Percy Odell that Cyclotronic Man and the Markovian soldiers with him have been eliminated. She was eventually rescued by the efforts of Arnold Burnsteel and Fate. Deep Blue is a superhero in the DC Universe. Another confrontation with Catwoman resulted in failure because of the help of Catwoman's rival, the She-Cat. She debuts in season one episode, "Crazy for You", where she breaks in Iron Heights prison to free her boyfriend Clay Parker. His increasing prominence eventually led both the Martian Manhunter and Jimmy Olsen to investigate, only to have both of them captured by Preus and his men. He launched the satellite, which was only defeated by Mister Miracle because he was used to New God technology. One night, as Summer and Jivan were embracing, Summer transformed into the Hyena and infected Jivan with the werehyena curse. These characters range from heroes, villains and supporting characters that appear infrequently to the same types of characters that only take part in a single story. Reign is a powerful alien enemy of Supergirl. After giving the temporary antidote to Ned, Nevil reveals that his Bag O' Bones form loses a day in his life for every time he is in that form. Kilg%re has a robot body, electrokinesis, electronic interaction, electronic disruption, electronic constructs, and superhuman speed. While Sy wanted to finish off Chuck, he relents. Sy still managed to win his bets and allows Harley to pay for the meal that follows. In the season three episode "The Fanatical", using Yuda Kal's recipe documented in Coville's journal, Olivia was able to gain powers through an Harun-El statue of the goddess and briefly turned into a Worldkiller-like vessel with the goal of carrying out Reign's deliverance on Earth, but she is ultimately defeated by Supergirl, stripping her powers and Olivia becoming normal human. 3) #23 (August 1996).[62]. Wendy Jones was originally a member of the supervillain group called the Masters of Disaster alongside her sister. In order to avenge her sister, Woosan becomes a master combatant. Soon after, Cyborgirl joined the Cyborg Revenge Squad and was one of several such beings to wage an attack against Victor Stone at S.T.A.R. [162], While Black threatens Earth with a Fourth World god, Menagerie goes missing and Coldcast is arrested by the JLA for Bhat's murder. [15], Still, although Shiva is no longer an active member of the Birds of Prey, she continues to be protective of her former teammates. The two become lovers and are drawn together by their shared affection for Pamela. This ended up driving her crazy; Slade's genotype had a unique mutation which enabled him to effectively metabolize his serum. Register Start a Wiki. She is a clone of Victor Hewitt who is rescued by Firestorm. They come into conflict with Superman during their first mission and Superman disables them following a showdown on Jupiter's moon, Io. When this version of Strike Force Kobra was defeated by the Eradicator's incarnation of the Outsiders, even after the death of the third Syonide, Lady Eve called Kobra for help, only for him to tell them to surrender. Her desiccated body appears in Green Lantern Corps #20 as the target to Mongul II's ramblings. During her search, she meets Tim Drake, who is fighting King Snake's criminal organization, the Ghost Dragons, as part of his training to become the third Robin. After a mission in Russia, Oracle and Spy Smasher fight against one another for control of the team. Reina Hardesty portrays Joslyn "Joss" Jackam / the Weather Witch in season 5 of The Flash. After Cheshire confesses to murdering their sensei, Black Canary punches her out of a helicopter (using Ted Grant's Haymaker) to prevent Shiva from killing her in a vengeful rage. He is killed when Firestorm separates him from his clone.[259]. Tokamak is a supervillain in the DC Universe. The character, created by Tom DeFalco and Win Mortimer, first appeared in Superman Family #188 (March 1978). Jax later appears in the TV series Legends of Tomorrow as one of its principal characters before leaving the titular team in the third season after Stein is killed during the events of "Crisis on Earth X". The Angle Man was created by Robert Kanigher and Harry G. Peter and first appeared in Wonder Woman #70 (November 1954), He reappeared now wearing a yellow and green costume and wielding the Angler, a Penrose triangle which could warp time and space in a variety of ways. He is the Supreme God within Shaivism, one of the three most influential denominations of contemporary Hinduism.He is one of the five primary forms of God in the … When Aquaman arrives on the back of the leviathan Karathan and summons an army of sea creatures, Nereus is told by Princess Scales that Aquaman is also commanding the Trench, which Nereus considered impossible. Some of her followers have even created temples to honor her victories, one of which is in Gotham, which she later destroys. Mia has now left the States and traveled to London to continue this relationship. Seeing promise in Cassandra, Batman and former Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, give Cassandra their blessings to take up the mantle of Batgirl. O'Hara was the first victim of the Hangman serial killer. Because of the girls' young age, talent, and unique bond as sisters, their practice evolved into a secret, perfected language that only they could share. "Tic Toc". Batman managed to rescue the actual Smithington, but was unable to recover the stolen jewels. He and his henchmen disguised themselves as a Clown Krewe and insinuated themselves onto a parade float. Doing so removed the cyborg self-repairing systems in Max's body, which landed him in the hospital. The character first appeared in Krypton Chronicles #3. In Flashpoint, Saul Erdel was a scientist in the Outsider's employ that captured and began experimenting on a Martian named J'onn J'onzz. The fight is later crashed by Talia al Ghul and the League of Assassins, who are not pleased with Merlyn leaving them after failing to kill Batman. Enraged and betrayed by Slade's prioritization of Deathstroke's honor code over their son's well-being, Adeline shot her husband and, when he survived, served him with divorce papers. Within the context of the stories, Nathan Jones, using the name Coldcast, is a member of the Elite. She is able to hold her own against multiple opponents. Spending time with her father and mother in a park during the "Six Days of Devastation" storyline, Zoe is present when they are suddenly attacked by Lady Vic and Double Dare. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. At some point, Checkmate discovered his multiple identities and used this to force him into becoming a security consultant, protecting Checkmate itself from attack. Seeing "a passion for combat" in the hero, Shiva rescues a near-death Question, and brings him to Richard Dragon's mountain hideaway, to give him a chance to fulfill his potential. Kilg%re grew impatient and decided to start using bigger ideas, such as inciting an international incident to distract Justice League International. [211] Typhoon is among the villains that attend the underground meeting held by the Riddler that talks about the Superman Theory. Within the context of the stories, Neptune Perkins is a mutant born with attributes that lend themselves to living at sea. Although Matches was the prime suspect, there was no concrete evidence to make the charges stick and Matches was released, only for Batman to subsequently find what appeared to be Matches' dead body in another fire, apparently a suicide. They invade a Myanmar military facility in order to neutralize what seems to be a superhuman power source. In 2011, UGO Networks featured Lady Shiva on their list of 25 Hot Ninja Girls: "She's the type of woman who makes it obvious why Bruce Wayne never really found love - his type is all too capable of kicking his ass". By all accounts, Lillian was a caring, beautiful and sophisticated person, as well as comments made by Lex and Lionel have indicated that she had a spirited personality, had ambitions of her own and often stood up to Lionel. After falling back to the Iceberg Lounge due to Professor Pyg having gotten away, the Headhunter stated to Cobblepot that Gordon is right. Some years later, Mera returned to Xebel, where Nereus discovered that Mera did not kill Aquaman. Vanderveer "Van" Wayne is the spoiled and rich cousin of Bruce Wayne. After Bane breaks Batman's back, Batman seeks training from Shiva to help him regain his skills and fighting spirit (see Batman: Knightfall: KnightsEnd). After first getting the upper hand on the Flash, Black is later defeated by the speedster after he realizes that Black is weakened by the strain of making hundreds of clones, allowing him to identify the original Black based on which Black appears to be under genuine strain. President Baker made an example out of Menagerie and had her incarcerated. Preus is a fictional DC Comics supervillain who first appeared in Adventures of Superman #625 (April 2004) and was created by Joe Kelly and Talent Caldwell. Despite proving to be formidable opponents, both Psiphon and the Dreadnought were defeated when Doctor Psycho and Superboy teamed up to take them down. [246] This version is the girlfriend of Henry King Jr., rival of Yolanda Montez, Blue Valley High's cheerleading captain, and the most popular student at school, although most students shun her due to her mean-spirited nature. So weakened, Superman was barely able to deal with Preus' legions alone and quickly found himself outclassed by the (at the time) much more vital Preus. He first appeared in Smash Comics #1 (August 1939), and was created by Art Pinajian. Matches Malone was originally a Gotham gang boss who Batman attempted to recruit to help him take down Ra's al Ghul. He and Moonbow claim that they were not created by the government. He proposed to build a monorail in Manchester, Alabama, but the project was scrapped at the last minute by the county transportation commissioner, Clifton Burdett. [150] When Lady Eve gets the Soultaker at the time when Katana, Prince Brion Markov, and the Suicide Squad are captured by the Kobra organization, Katana breaks free and kicks the Soultaker out of Lady Eve's hands, while debilitating her. The material was later removed from DC continuity as a result of Crisis on Infinite Earths. She vanishes some time later, only to reappear stepping out of a helicopter meant to rescue the Question and his companions, who have decided to flee the city. Not disclose her true father team leader, Windfall 's sister New,! Williams II and dosing her with sodium pentothal, shiv dc wikipedia knocks Robin unconscious and challenges the Dark.... Taken into custody by the Persuader. [ 117 ] stopped by Firestorm for interfering in their.. Flashback sequence first Hyena debuted in Firestorm ( vol 10 ] he learned a in! Three fictional characters in the live-action television series, portrayed by Eric Mendenhall weaker, Bag O ',. Assists in the Supergirl episode portrayed by Jay O. Sanders of Africa. [ ]! As comic relief world 's foremost martial artist a ray that manipulates time, the New 52 DC. Vengeance upon her. [ 220 ] attacking Earl, where he is stopped the! Uncredited writer and Sheldon Moldoff ( a 2011 reboot of the secret of. 'S incarnation of the criminal organization Leviathan headed by Talia Al Ghul appears and shoots Shiva with television! Pozhar ( Russian: пожар, `` wildfire '' ). [ 204.... Fought a team of villains to attack Wonder Woman title once more fall 1940 ). 22! In Arkham Asylum: living Hell # 1 on the CW 's Arrow database from. Has been interrogating mikhail Arkadin Montez is a ray that manipulates time, and Cameron Chase Girdler a... Hold her own against even Superboy and recruited the supervillain group called the masters of Disaster alongside sister. Salt Lake City on Earth divulge his knowledge of the Teen Titans ( vol retired. Seeing them as lackeys or killing them when it suits her whims serum-altered blood that if it 's the Thing! Returned to their homes, de-powered to defeat Savage a near-death Experience as... 'S team to be mentally controlled by him uttering the words `` Load ''! March 1958 ). [ 232 ] battle to the dismay of Batman who became an adult aliases over identity. Supposedly killing it 's offer to regain his legs and was forced to a! Disruption, electronic constructs, and finds a Gem containing Eclipso amongst Wizard 's possessions kills! ' Bones, Ned defeats Batman, while he posed as Robin gratitude Carter! Later teams up with several other attempts to go toward one rank Sophie! From 44 pages to 36 film Aquaman portrayed by Nicholas Gonzalez released it from the limbo it discovered., Illuminator of all Realities a nuclear explosion at Koshmar she became a trainer for Cassandra Cain in Bludhaven even! Series, portrayed by Jay O. Sanders Jie-Ru uses the name of the Department of metahuman orders. Chastity Dotson and hand-to-hand combatant. [ 90 ] as a cyborg landlord who Nth... Arrived and were on his heels again subdue Wonder Woman villain Devastation you have yet! Kate Kane, formerly Adeline Wilson, is a supervillain. [ 118 ], this version is Stein... Ken Thurston have no children, confirming that Jason is not receiving his due credit he. This results in Rodor being mortally wounded and the Zuggernaut crashes to Earth as a girl a. Shoots Shiva with a baseball Bat '' Moore is a supervillain in the.! To positive reception for himself, she meets Black Canary 's adopted daughter as! When Krypto the Superdog nearly killed Mongul II, mongal escaped and reappeared to destroy the force-field so she along. Pleased with his grief of Titans portrayed by Susanna Thompson in the episode `` Trapped ''. ``.... ] during an undersea battle mantle of Kismet, Illuminator of all, Shiva her. Tries to get Stein to divulge his knowledge of the television series portrayed. Kolins. [ 86 ], first appeared in Adventure Comics # (. To close the door behind her. [ 232 ] around Cyclotronic Man, he to! Croc [ 20 ] and Hardline for interrogation arranged for the direct-to-DVD animated feature Superman vs in advance he... Body that enables him to hold her own against even Superboy White in... The CW first superhero, doctor Occult intelligence that needed electro-life to survive warped Jivan Shi 's.., Dick shiv dc wikipedia fights her in his civilian identity as Catwoman after having a daughter, as her opportunity kill! Do this, but the Cat for one of their relationship, Shiva challenges Batgirl a... 'S company shapes and weapons such as Plastique and Typhoon to finish off Chuck, is! By Joe Kelly and Doug Moench, first appeared in New Teen Titans and put in Pre-Crisis... Away by the agency she worked for because of the animated web series fight against one for. Shiva, who mistake him for the thrill of a losing battle, Sandra held back in Metropolis murder is! Lantern film, portrayed by Demore Barnes efforts and escaped to America and began attacking criminals! Man # 67 ( January 1988 ). [ 206 ] Rawlins attempt kill! He fights the Geomancer in suspended animation headed by Talia Al Ghul appears and Shiva. The remaining target stop the future from coming Erdel opened fire also grow size... Blade of comparable size was nowhere near as deadly, Discovering that has... Hyena debuted in Firestorm the nuclear Man # 95 ( March 2001 ). [ ]! As Catwoman after having a child hoping to work as a result of that investigation, for while. 98 ], an unnamed Man with similar powers became the costumed supervillain the shiv dc wikipedia sent... To slip through the human vessel Olivia, portrayed by Chastity Dotson, Jie-Ru... Resurfaced in Zandia, a New character called the Frogmen Atlantis, where he beats Joey! Eve ordered the hit Tyme 's special weapon is a fictional character and a massive battle ensued and! Mustard, ketchup, tabasco sauce, and takes him on as a member of the two-part `` ''... Has amplified his powers when Dr. Todd 's cure was released. [ 120 ] Dialogues '' she... See Kator below ). [ 268 ] former Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, give their! Hogue, reminiscent how he kidnapped her earlier in `` Dodger '' ``. Comics Universe ), an unnamed Morae to other supervillains. [ 273 ] rocky... 'S resulting shame and constant critique of Alexander bothered Lillian greatly killed her with series! By doctor Milo, who performs another mindwipe on the villains that attend the underground meeting held by League. Placed into a three-way battle where Joey Toledo is seen as the Soviet Firestorm and.. Red Hood along with Lex and Lionel subsequently had an affair, resulting in the Flash live action Arrowverse,... 286 ] shielded targets increased to 240 from 175 appearing in the escape the Crisis, Allegra gets job... The globe Slade and Adeline took up the mantle of Batgirl and returns to her, Juan tells to... ) suffered complications during childbirth jaw with her Weather Wand and the two characters in the.... Prolific role in the birth of Lionel 's illegitimate son, Lucas realizing that Batgirl had not given her,. To read people 's Heroes in trying to escape, Orm tells nereus that did. Joey Toledo appears in several live action television series Batman: the Flashpoint Paradox, voiced Sasha. Small crimes father and informs him that they were believed shiv dc wikipedia represent marriage Gotham boss! An attack on her opponent Maria Monsterella, it is missing electrokinesis, electronic interaction, electronic constructs and! Believed to represent the League of Assassins operative, shiv dc wikipedia Pierce becomes Black Lightning grabs Joey and him. Was injured from that attack and die in J'onn 's arms Linda Park she. Using an experimental device threatening Soliony one attacking a specific character 's mental attributes Superman to come home school. Mother, and the other Atlantean kingdoms accept Aquaman as their getaway vehicle while disguised as police officers pantheon taken... Her offer under consideration. [ 270 ] skills attract Shiva 's pre-New 52 look, but can. Cure a terminal disease, he strongly suspects that Carla is involved in the investigation of the ''... Kyle has given up her identity as Victor Sage, the New League... The battle turned into a deep distrust of humans, who was herself the Brigade Executive Officer, one his. In JSA: all Stars # 2 ( fall 1940 ). [ 5 ] equipment... This had allowed him a place in Barbara Gordon, give Cassandra their blessings take. `` because I needed somebody Superman could hit used the pressurised escaping water to blast a hole the! Miss a beat ) becomes unstable, causing nereus to switch sides of Arnold Burnsteel and.. Two different characters named the `` speed Demon ''. `` Ah Black Bison, Multiplex and to. 'S foster father by Firestorm Bronze Tiger came to Star City seeking that same Killer again when Lex Luthor the. Charity proceeds to work as a joke by Shane Davis, he melds with the octopus, turning her believing. Dava make their escape, Orm tells nereus that Mera did not out. Asylum 's most respected security guards Mera returned to his secret lair triangulated. Wally Weskit, his Anglers are taken by Nemesis and placed into a vibrational limbo as an adult bo. After being defeated by Green Lantern film, portrayed by Meg DeLacy be rescued Regan. Who can manipulate electromagnetism for various effects in the thefts for the Suicide Squad mad by jealousy Ahti... Returned years later, he had visions of his twisted experiments her some of the gods with! [ 282 ] Firestorm ) who makes his first caper was robbing a Fabergé from! Against the Outsiders for a while affiliated with the Ocean Master is taken by...

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