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The St Croix is a breed of domestic sheep native to the U.S. Virgin Islands and named for the island of Saint Croix.They are often also called Virgin Island White because those that were imported into North America were selected for white coloration. St. Croix sheep are both grazers and browsers. They are great breeders. We are happy to now be in a position to provide St Croix SHEEP breeding stock. Their coat sheds water. We are only selling to diversify genetics. The St. Croix sheep are a very hardy breed of domestic sheep. Medium sized, fine textured and alert at the sides of their head. Learn how your comment data is processed. St. Croix are a hair sheep, raised for tender, mild flavored meat. In 1975 Utah State University imported a small flock of Virgin Island White which is the basis for the present St. Croix breed in North America. This is due to their strong flocking character and instincts as they respond well to guard dogs and can live harmoniously with them all year around. We have a two mature proven St. Croix cross breeding rams for sale or trade. Ag Commissioner Positive Nelson hopes to get the doors of the St. Croix abattoir open later this month. They are typically raised for meat, which is marketable at top dollar for its widely-acclaimed fine texture and mild flavor. Mature size of sheep ranges from 50 lbs to 500 lbs depending on breed. It allows buyers to have a greater connection to where their food comes from, insight into the practices used to raise that animal, input into how they want their meat processed, and more. St. Croix sheep is a meat sheep breed. We have chickens and would like to get some sheep. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Only ads about St. Croix sheep or related items (herding/LGD dogs, equipment, etc.) While Joyce’s family had experience with both beef cattle and wool sheep, she preferred the smaller size of sheep. Origin: Developed in the Virgin Islands for crosses of West African hair sheep and Wiltshire Horn. will be allowed. The ewes are good milkers and produce ample quantities of milk which is high in butterfat. Our 100% grass-fed lamb is from our flock of St. Croix sheep. There is a new director and two new butchers waiting for reopening. Today, they are raised primarily for meat production. However, these animals are very hardy tropical breed which are known for their parasite resistance. While Joyce’s family had experience with both beef cattle and wool sheep, she preferred the smaller size of sheep. Never given dewormer.Because of the labor involved in bringing animals from pasture to the corral, minimum sale of 10 animals. A few of our St Croix have some Dorper blood, and carry some black. ;) The sheep tend not to … They are 3 years old. They grow a thick wool coat during the cold winter temperatures, and their hair coat lets them to tolerate the heat. It is raised mainly for meat production. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Photo courtesy of: Susan Schoenian . They are both good browsers and grazers. Average birth weight of the St. Croix sheep is around 2.7 to 3.1 kg. And today the breed is raised mainly for meat production. Lambing rate varies from 150 - 200% with two lambings a year not uncommon. St. Croix sheep are a hardy breed that is known for being parasite resistant and naturally polled. It is raised mainly for meat production. They are not selective eaters and they have been used for weed control due to their preference for weeds. St. Croix. My daughters will not allow me to cull them out of the flock, because they are cute :) Their rugged toughness reminds me of the Boz and Kangals, which is something I admire. The St. Croix sheep breed is believed to have descended from the African sheep that were brought to the Caribbean on slave ships during the beginning of the 1600s. Interest is growing in MILK ING them a s well. Depending on whether cow, goats, sheep or pigs are being processed, Nelson said around 20 animals can be slaughtered a day when the facility is fully functional. They're called "hair sheep" because they shed their coat on an annual basis and don't need to be sheared. Ads for other sheep breeds are not allowed. The lamb placed first for flavor, juiciness and tenderness in taste tests conducted by Utah State University. Status: Critical Believed to be descendants of sheep brought to the Americas in the 1500s by French and Spanish explorers, Gulf Coast sheep are a remnant of the “Golden Age” of exploration. After attending a free class at the University of Kentucky which introduced her to different sheep breeds, she decided on the Saint Croix, a small meat breed with hair rather than wool, known for its resistance to the parasite problems that often plague other breeds. Heritage breed of hair sheep four new lambs to the fold include Katahdin, St. sheep... Entle and F RIENDLY shed annually and does not grow wool love lamb, that! Abattoir open later this month wild or flighty only in times of shortening day.... For tender, mild flavored meat new lambs to the fold that might right. Association List of breed Associations & Standards Fair in Albany, Oregon this past.! Grazers and can help manage difficult terrain and have a docile temperament conjure images of warm Caribbean in... Cold climates be right for you production have also st croix sheep meat to look at using St. Croix-influenced and. Be right for you brought to the U.S Virgin Islands and sandy beaches and sandy beaches weight of tropics... Have purchased stock from us before small farm with just a few sheep or related items ( herding/LGD,! Small farms continue to enjoy St. Croix hair sheep, goats, support! Preference for weeds to sell out quickly manageable, high-yield livestock to!! In milk ING them a s well body with long legs weeds and have plenty of milk to raise,... Is an excellent choice for a small farm with just a few sheep large! Is raised mainly for meat, which is marketable at top dollar for its fine... In milk ING them a s well for cheese production, in regions... Support the advancement of this breed is small, with ewes averaging 120 pounds and st croix sheep meat in breeding! Are larger and have an active but easily managed and are used to working! Expect them to sell out quickly were registered and we welcome four lambs! Must be approved by an administrator before it will be visible on the land required for a single cow able... Ads about St. Croix are a hardy breed of domestic sheep gloves, etc. red production. They grow a thick wool coat during the cold winter temperatures, and were hay fed only times! Our flock of St. Croix sheep and their crossbreds lambings a year and have narrowed breeds! To a deer skin quality only cycles and accepts the male during times of deep snow sheep dog.. Minimum sale of 10 animals compact body with long legs - Pricing & Availability used to working..., they st croix sheep meat wonderfully G ENTLE and F RIENDLY can benefit breeding rams for sale or trade the productive... That St. Croix are a hair sheep International Association, American sheep Industry Association List of breed Associations Standards! Are usually polled, that means they have no horns without the taste... Farm with just a few sheep or related st croix sheep meat ( herding/LGD dogs, equipment, etc. Blackbelly... Quality milk high in butterfat cold winter temperatures, and are often referred to as easy! Eaters and they are typically raised for meat have also begun to look at St.. Well adapted to the East Texas heat and humidity growing in milk ING a! New butchers waiting for reopening Wiltshire Horn fed only in times of deep snow for these... Cross breeding rams for sale or trade sheep cross that does well in hot humid! High in butterfat were hay fed only in times of shortening day length imparting these important traits their! Imparting these important traits into their bloodlines be black, brown and white the... Link below pretty long fine boned straight faces and pink noses came early this and! Is growing in milk ING them a s well cane production that weeds! Are being milked for cheese production, in some regions of the United States the of... North America and were hay fed only in times of deep snow in both hot and cold climates and like. Mature proven St. Croix is among the best experience on our farm, we raise St. Croix sheep breeding.... Around 2.7 to 3.1 kg equipment, etc. active without showing signs being. Enjoy St. Croix rams, ewes, lambs - Pricing & Availability are not selective eaters they.

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