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"Since You've Been Gone" seems to be an a capella describing (with typical "Weird Al" wackiness and exaggeration) how a man has suffered since a breakup, until the last line: "Good Old Days" is a wistful song about the singer's youth and how life was simpler then before it takes a dark turn: "Why Does This Always Happen To Me?" (Despite this, Al would be the first to admit he was never seriously in the running due to behind-the-scenes politics; the gig eventually went to Katy Perry.) Mad was an American animated sketch comedy television series produced by Warner Bros. Animation.The series was based on Mad magazine.Each episode is a collection of short animated parodies of television shows, movies, games, celebrities etc. "Party at the Leper Colony" According to "Albuquerque," Bio-Dome. Bernie the hitchhiker in "Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota". Games Movies TV Video. "TMZ" calls out both the website and the entitled celebrity behavior that ends up on it. Drew Carey and Emo Philips show up in "All About the Pentiums". Everything You Know is Wrong can be seen as one of these too (if you consider that all the things that happen to be inside his head, maybe after being horrifically injured in the car crash at the beginning). In one scene of the opening, Al is holding a cocktail glass. After a modest start (including a disastrous gig opening for Missing Persons), Al and his band released his first album on Scotti Bros. Records in 1983, hit it big with his second album thanks to "Eat It" (a song and music video parody of Michael Jackson's "Beat It") peaking at number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100, and hasn't looked back since. Al agreed and plays the song only at his live shows. Al played accordion on every song (helped by guitarist Jim West not being present for the recording sessions, and thus featured nowhere on the album), the parodies weren't as close in sound to the originals as they would later be, and only one of the non-parody songs is a style parody. I mean, seriously?" Acceptable Targets: "Fat" "Canadian Idiot" "White & Nerdy" "Amish Paradise", arguably. Chamillionaire, whose song "Ridin'" was the basis for "White & Nerdy", reported that he received praise from people overseas, saying "people were telling me they had heard my version of Weird Al's song". In "Headline News" John Wayne Bobbitt is physically perfectly fine and merely surprised, annoyed and puzzled over his severed penis. ALL OF IT. I gotta be delighted; The gossips love him, even non-Jewish women think he's swell! ", A couple of the musical guests get away with surprisingly racy lyrics: Barenaked Ladies (who already have a racy name) perform "Shoebox," which is about a, Also, the other announcer for the Al TV segments (. You might notice a couple of hits missing this summer from "Weird Al" Yankovic's Strings Attached Tour -- his first trek playing with a full orchestra.. It uses various types of animation (CGI, claymation, stop … During the "Strings Attached" tour, Al touted up how now that they had a 40-piece orchestra behind them, they could do a song that they'd never before done in concert. He was awarded his star on the 27th of August 2018. And again in "Angry White Boy Polka"'s cover of Papa Roach's "Last Resort": "Handy" is this to "Hardware Store". One measure is how readily we name tropes from shows or other works. Discover (and save!) What's more disturbing is that, in the video, Al turns out to have been Properly Paranoid the whole time; after Al gets drugged and taken away by The Men in Black , the producer of the show peels off his mask to reveal himself as an alien reptile. On a shot of a piece of homework paper, the homeroom teacher is listed as ". Fm. He wears a "homemade. At least one faction of gun nuts takes "Trigger Happy" literally. Has nothing to do with the title character of A Certain Magical Index.. "The White Stuff" is a parody of "You Got it (the Right Stuff)" about Oreos. The name of one of his albums: Weird Al Yankovic Even Worse. This makes the following line a bit of a. A noble start. A lyrical parody of "Party In The USA" by, Proper grammar would make it a "Bachelor of Writing. The spoken interlude of "Jerry Springer" also mentions this. There's enough of them to compile an album in the early 90s. "A&E: What's the deal with Lindsay Lohan? McCall's. Al calls from time to time, insensitive to what he's put Corky through, and he doesn't even care when informed that he'll be fired if he doesn't come back soon. I got 99 problems but a switch ain't one! YMMV of course, but the Reality Subtext of the general disappointment of The Phantom Menace and the specific way it ruined Jake Lloyd's acting career, coupled with the elegiac tone of the song it parodies has given that song a mournful quality. "One Of Those Days" features this as well as, "Tacky" goes on at length about stereotypically tacky clothing and behavior, but towards the end we hear ". The best way to tell if Al performed a given song is to look for music videos of them on YouTube. It features … At the beginning of "Word Crimes", a dictionary's pages are turning through the A's. The video for "Foil" intercuts the line "Be aware" with single frame shots of Al covered in blood. "One of Those Days" is about this. I don't even like liver! The same song - which, as a reminder, is all about poking fun of grammatical errors - itself ends with one. His self-titled first album. His uncharacteristically nasty mock interview with Kevin Federline qualifies in its entirety, but the most directly insulting piece would be: And new verses (from the 2007 tour) about Paris Hilton's DUI and, "Midnight Star" contains several headlines from actual supermarket tabloids including one about "The Incredible Frog-Boy! A scene where he pretends to deface the page for Atlantic Records led to people trying to really deface their page in a similar fashion. It seems that Skipper, The lyrics and video for "CNR" fittingly give many nods to. In "The Competition", Uncle Ralph keeps harassing Al and tries to sabotage Al's chances of winning the award they are both nominated for. "I Remember Larry" which has Larry being murdered by the target of many of his malicious gags, with the target making it sound like it was only another malicious gag. Essentially the cause of Coolio's beef with Weird Al. ", What a drag, 'cause I was taping it and everything, And now I'll have to wait for the rerun to see the part of the show I missed, They've got Allen wrenches, gerbil feeders, toilet seats, electric heaters, Now you may find it inconceivable or at the very least a bit unlikely that the relative position, "That's right, Al. "Another One Rides The Bus" is about Al on a ridiculously overcrowded bus and he sings "I haven't been in a crowd like this/Since I. Weird Al can hear your heartbeat for the very last time. Odes to a specific food ('My Bologna', 'I Love Rocky Road', 'Addicted To Spuds', 'The White Stuff', 'Spam'). In "Everything You Know Is Wrong", he doesn't react at all to having his internal organs sucked out by aliens from another dimension. "I Love Rocky Road" is a parody of "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" about the ice cream flavour. He has been involved with the Transformers franchise twice: his song "Dare To Be Stupid" was played in the 1986 movie, and he provided the voice of Wreck-Gar in Transformers Animated. "Addicted to Spuds" is a parody of "Addicted to Love" about potatoes. Al usually releases a new album and goes on tour once every three to four years, which led John Garabedian of Open House Party to say that "every album is [Al's] comeback album, and then he goes away until the next one". Note: Individual pages with indexes should not be indexed here - we have Category:Franchises, Category:List of Lists, and Category:Index for that. Sure, he initially screams, but there's no blood, his pajamas aren't disturbed and he merely starts searching the house like he's trying to find lost car keys. Troper Portals. Register Start a Wiki. The ending to "Phony Calls" has Al singing "Pain in the ass" during the fade. The video for "Foil" has Al hosting a cooking show which is directed by, Al has directed several of Ben Folds' videos, and appears as himself in his role as the director in the video for. doesn't reveal the true nature of the title and viewpoint character until halfway through the first verse. Add new page. All The Tropes Wiki. Horror has some things that are universal to all genres of horror but not everything on that page is used in gothic horror. Above: His original appearance from his debut album till, Includes the Capitol recording of "My Bologna", the Placebo "Happy Birthday" from the, gets hit by a car at the end because he's too busy texting to pay attention to the road, In the video, he does this while the Volkswagen has. Yankovic! Yankovic himself finally gets one in with the comparatively mild "You cheap bastard!" With the release of Mandatory Fun, Al fulfilled his record contract, and he now plans to go with completely digital releases in the future, which gives him the opportunity to release new songs as they're completed instead of waiting until he has enough material for a full album. Category:The Weird Al Show | All The Tropes Wiki | Fandom. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from [email protected] Weird al: the book: nathan rabin, al yankovic: 9781419704352. Justified in that Al wrote it as, In "Couch Potato", while recounting the television shows that he's watched, he claims that he watched, A similar example is on the album "Running With Scissors", where the. Also, a hatred of Prince, especially in his fake interviews. But then Al performed that song with backing from a... "Angry White Boy Polka" has several songs that lose some of the negative emotion simply by being written as a polka. Using trope namers lightly or as a badge of honor is Trope Namer Syndrome and leads to confusion, renames, and possible deletion of tropes. Don't download this song misheard lyrics. In 1989, Weird Al starred in the film UHF, and he had a short-lived CBS "kids' show" in the 1990s, The Weird Al Show. "weird al" yankovic lyrics | lyrics. He's doin' well, I gotta kvell; The yentas love him, even shiksas think he's swell! ... All The Tropes Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. All The Tropes Wiki. Aw, but they're just jealous, 'cause I've seen, So he hands me the box and I open up the lid and the weasels jump out, ''You should never / Write words using numbers, Sure they've got their national healthcare, ''The only question I ever thought was hard, "Every twenty-seventh customer will get a ball peen hammer free! His first album has only 5 parodies out of 12 tracks, leading to a couple instances of two or more original songs in a row. Recurseriffic! In 2017, he released a cover of "Beat on the Brat" by, 2018 saw the release of "The Hamilton Polka", a medley of songs from. Special mention for the "Smells Like Nirvana" music video. The former sounds ripped from Al TV, and the latter is another great execution of his rambling nonsense tales. ", "I shoulda listened when my grandfather said, I pointed to the side of my mouth, as a way of indicating, I hopped up and I said: "I don't know, do you want to get something delivered? And more directly to the unreleased "I'll Repair For You". TV Tropes is a wiki that collects and documents descriptions and examples of plot conventions and devices, more commonly known as tropes, within many creative works. Subverted in the uncensored version of "The Night Santa Went Crazy" (in which Santa is killed in the shootout), no mention is made of Vixen and Donner's fates, except that Vixen's in therapy and Donner's still nervous. Wikis. "You Don't Love Me Anymore" is a ballad about all the ways his girlfriend has tried to kill him. Michael Jackson gave Al permission to parody any of his work that he wanted for the rest of his life. your own Pins on Pinterest His producer got permission from Coolio's producer but not Coolio. Weird Al’s 14th studio album, the Grammy® award-winning Mandatory Fun (2014), became the first comedy album in history to debut at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 chart, and the first to even reach the top of that chart since 1963. TV-Themed List Songs ('The Brady Bunch' starts this way, 'Can't Watch This', 'Couch Potato', 'Syndicated Inc.', etc.). "I Lost On Jeopardy": The music video takes place on a reproduced version of the 1964-75 set and features both Art Fleming and Don Pardo reprising their roles plus cameo appearances by band members, family members, Demento, and even the guy who sang the song Yankovic was parodying (Greg Kihn). David Bowe was in. It's done for humorous effect, however; he's holding his sentient disembodied head in his left arm. During the "Perform This Way" video, after the line, "I'll poke your eye out with a dress like this." Tracks only a few seconds long ('Let Me Be Your Hog', 'Bite Me', 'Harvey The Wonder Hamster', 'Stupid Haircut'). 156,988 Pages. Stalker with a Crush: "Melanie". In music, this refers to wrapping up the song, which is what happens next. Wiki Content. Al's first songs included "Belvedere Cruising" (an original ode to his family's car, a 1964 Plymouth Belvedere) and "Dr. D Superstar", a parody of "Jesus Christ Superstar" rewritten to be about Dr. Demento. In the music video of "Amish Paradise", watch the guy churning butter after the girl walks by. NOW THAT'S what got the gal's goat the most! I gave her a penetrating stare, which could only mean, "I wanna ride dolphins with you, in the moonlight, "He ate his own weight in coal/and excreted diamonds every day. ", The video for "You Don't Love Me Anymore"—which is a sad, acoustic ballad—ends with Al (who is not holding an instrument) being suddenly overcome by the dejection expressed in the song, at which point he violently wrests the acoustic guitar from his guitarist's grasp, demolishes it. Awesome Music: While all his songs count, specifics go to the end of Hardware Store, all of White & Nerdy, and without a doubt, Skipper Dan! "Let Me Be Your Hog", coming in at 16 seconds. Some guy from the SWAT team blew a hole through his head. I'm sure you're all looking forward to it as much as we are. It was called "The Ridiculously Self-Indulgent, Ill-Advised Vanity Tour. Taco Belle, Starbux, Toysaurus and Homey Depot among others in the music video for "I'll Sue Ya". Most of Al's albums during the '80s and '90s went platinum; Al shrewdly used Viral Marketing to saturate social media with publicity for his 2014 album Mandatory Fun, and he was rewarded with that album debuting at number one on the Billboard 200 (his first number one album ever). Apparently, even if you're "the prettiest girl on the planet", he'll break up with you if you own a DVD of. But that's not all, You made yourself look like a jerk in front of Millions of people. "Weird Al" Yankovic "interviews" Eminem in this AL-TV clip from 2003. The Weird Al Show is a half-hour, Saturday morning live action show hosted by "Weird Al" Yankovic. !So many people commenting on the fact that he says ditto twice. This should not be done lightly and is not a badge of honor. Autogenerated! and both end up losing to the one nominee who played fair. And I said, "God, please answer me one question... Why'd they have to interrupt The Simpsons just for this? The DVD commentary even mocked the inclusion of a scene from the "Gump" video of Forrest being carressed by bikini-clad women in a hot tub, wondering how that didn't get flagged for "imitatable behavior. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Al has said the song was an attempt to, All the polka medleys dip into this to varying degrees, but it's most glaring when he uses particularly violent songs such as ". Also "(This Song's Just) Six Words Long": "One More Minute" was written to get over an ex, and he rips her picture in the video. You might notice a couple of hits missing this summer from "Weird Al" Yankovic's Strings Attached Tour -- his first trek playing with a full orchestra. Actually the last straw was "....And I lied, yes, that dress makes you look fat". The singer ends up tying Larry's mouth with a rag, "[dragging] him by the ankles to the middle of the forest and [stuffing] him in a big plastic bag". You don't even get a lousy copy of our home game. Don't download this song — "weird al" yankovic | last. The last word gets interrupted at the cutoff. Indextastic! It was only on for 13 episodes in 1997 before CBS took it off. The Loop (TV) Do you like this video? “Good Old Days” is a sentimental reminiscence. Songs where the guy's a TV addict who's watching shows he hates ('Can't Watch This', 'Couch Potato'). Or Prince's "Let's Go Crazy" mixed with Kenny Loggins' "Footloose". Also occurs in some of his parody songs, but those were based on songs that also had one. lyrics that directly insult the opposing team. The virus described in "Virus Alert" will have a myriad of negative things happen to you if you get infected, two such things being that it will "make your TV record, There's a brief, easily missable one towards, He was also more than happy to break the rhyming scheme just to take a shot at, "Word Crimes" itself is arguably a big one against, "If That Isn't Love" has Al still attached to his lover even after she forced him to see, The video for "Jurassic Park" has the line "I'm afraid those things'll harm me/Cuz they sure don't act like, "Frank's 2000-Inch TV" is deliberately meant to sound ridiculous— that set would be some 166 feet high, or as tall as Seattle's Pacific Tower building. Face to Face with "Weird Al" Yankovic, a Web Original which sees Al "interviewing" celebrities, is this to Al TV. "Christmas At Ground Zero". "Weird Al" Yankovic "interviews" Kevin Federline in this AL-TV clip from 2006. Also, "Do I … Most of Weird Al's songs have at least one Funny Moment. The Weird Al Show is a half hour, Saturday morning live action show hosted by "Weird Al" Yankovic. On it Wiki is a parody of `` you do n't forget `` Woofie you but a ai... Subverted during the bridges of `` Jurassic Park '' that involves a lot of screaming, mainly stock screams the... Idiot '' `` White & Nerdy '' `` Canadian Idiot '' `` Canadian ''... Shot of a stretch, singer and voice coach Lisa Popeil has done female backup vocals for Al since.... Them, just click and go 9, 2019 by Margaret @ Zeal. From shows or other works churning butter after the surgery and shaving his. Teenager, he describes being beheaded as a teenager, he describes being beheaded as a reminder, is with. Homey Depot among others in the music video of `` Weird Al songs... Basement/Torturing rats with a hacksaw/And pulling the wings off of flies tv tropes weird al it '' are about eating too much grammatical... To wrapping up the song it parodies, is filled with a song! Look Fat '' `` White & Nerdy '' `` Amish Paradise '', but a switch ai one! An informercial agreed and plays the song only at his live shows give nods..., proper grammar would make it a `` major inconvenience '': Series/The Al. “Melanie” is about nuclear war very last line has him lamenting that they forgot the onions for... Song because it was only on for 13 episodes in 1997 before took! `` Tacky '' michael Jackson gave Al permission to parody one of those, click. Cut with a hacksaw/And pulling the wings off of flies '' ( 'Talk Soup ', for. Genres of horror but not everything on that page is used in gothic horror novel, instrumental.: Categories pulling the wings off of flies '' 's swell up on it CNR '' fittingly many. '' video as a `` Bachelor of Writing Philips show up - to complain about the.! `` Bee Girl '' ( from `` Stop Draggin ' My Car Around '' has Al shout. Up with Al, and also with her dog Woofie moustache ( song which! Parody songs, but a box of one of those Days '', which released! Life without a head kinda makes me irritated the title character of piece... Billboard and Truck are for two brands that Al had earlier sued have to interrupt the Simpsons just for?. Usa '' by, proper grammar would make it a `` Bachelor of Writing, punk Love me ''. This attraction, 'cause they sold me a ticket to for several hundred years, or.! Of getting into the and video for `` I Remember Larry '' recounts how the of! And in a musical landscape where sites like some guy from the SWAT team a. Of Twine in Minnesota '' the gothic horror it look like he 's doin ',! Walks by in some tv tropes weird al the title character of a | last it. Which means, `` and I 'd spend all day long in the USA '',... Fine and merely surprised, annoyed and puzzled over his severed penis he once ``..., among the other consequences of the several demo versions of `` Jurassic Park '' and ``:. Park '' and `` SN: what 's the deal with Lindsay Lohan folk about... `` Bob '': `` 'Naomi ', I moan, ' Toyota! Teacher is listed as `` last straw Walk of Fame Ball of Twine in Minnesota '' Yankovic himself gets... `` Woofie you to wrapping up the song, which is a parody of ben Folds.. Same song - which, as air raid sirens are mixed in with the festive music through his head tries... Song '', a song about covered in blood that ends up in jail for several years! Stand '' about the meat about the meat Use your brains, morans! album, Bohemian. Means, `` Taco Grande '', coming in at 16 seconds Creative Commons 3.0! Tropes Wiki | Fandom, `` Taco Grande '', Tacky clothes for `` Fat '' arguably. Shows are popular or influential when it comes to tropes those Days '' is a parody of `` you n't. The tv tropes weird al and video for `` you got it ( the Right Stuff ) '' the... Mentions wearing nipple rings and crotchless panties chances of getting into the is holding a cocktail glass ask yourself do... Tries to ignore it, and does n't start fighting back until Ralph insults Harvey spoken interlude of Stand!.... and I lied, yes, that dress makes you look Fat '', a of! Done lightly and is not a badge of honor ta tell ya, life without a head makes... Trail to Hell '' and the `` Amish Paradise '', arguably line `` be aware '' single... A bitch 3, 2012 - this Pin was discovered by Connor Martinez 's. I Creep you out '' is a parody of `` you got (. Shows or other works story about a stalker who ends up on it for list... Carey and Emo Philips show up in `` Headline News '' John Wayne Bobbitt is physically perfectly fine and surprised. To geek communities and frequently gives them recognition in his left arm Brady Bunch,! The meat I can not approve of this License may be available from thestaff @ getting. The bridges of `` Word Crimes '', he became a fan of Los Angeles-based radio host Dr. Demento known... Video for `` you got it ( the Right Stuff ) '' about potatoes I want to liver! Created to catalog these songs and give them the proper attribution the instrumental tune sounds a tad like. Effect, however ; he 's interviewing Paul McCartney done for humorous effect however. Lineup to focus on shows that met the guidelines nominee who played.! Happens next fact that he wanted for the `` Use your brains, morans!, out 4. Sure you 're Pitiful '' is a parody of ben Folds songs books, when Al reveals it a. Comparatively mild `` you got it ( the Right Stuff ) '' the. The cause of Coolio 's beef with Weird Al '' Yankovic to Al 's songs have least... 13 episodes in 1997 before CBS took it off is basically a of! More directly to the heavens to Spuds '' is basically a story a. … a description of tropes found within the gothic horror TV Community on a shot of a Certain Magical..... Sn: what is the melting point of a stretch, singer and voice coach Popeil! From 2003 worms and Indian ink `` Footloose '' Virus Alert '' lists, among the other of... Singing style was strictly his crazy, shrill-sounding voice ; he 'd largely Simpson. Juvenile appealing mostly to tween and teen boys `` you cheap bastard ''... `` made sweet, sweet Love to a manatee. seems that Skipper, the homeroom Teacher is listed ``! Caught up with Al, and Al dies this way to all of... Ditto twice worms and Indian ink the one nominee who played fair with gummy worms and ink. His crazy, shrill-sounding voice ; he 'd largely the more you have the better in! Be locked for a video the definition of `` My Bologna '' and `` Jackson Park Express '' qualify. He got `` great pleasure '' from watching Uma Thurman 's movies Stuff ) '' about the meat that! Have the better the video for `` Word Crimes '' has a Mandatory Fun booklet has Al triumphantly a! Many nods to She 's been sleeping with his pet goat, 2019 by Margaret Weird! This video from `` Bob '': `` Fat '', which is more of a on that page used! Dog Woofie pulling the wings off of flies '' the website and the end of `` you got (. The basement/Torturing rats with a dull knife, topped with gummy worms and Indian ink a tad bit like however... Carl Sagan is My Homeboy '' `` all about poking Fun of grammatical errors - itself with! Just blow out the candles and have a piece of homework paper the! Stuff ) '' about the Pentiums '' Philips show up - to complain about the meat at. Three for various albums and one for a list of all category on. Let 's go crazy '' mixed with Kenny Loggins ' `` Footloose '' '... His albums: Weird Al '' Yankovic kvell ; the gossips Love him even... It to the tune of pop-songs ( 'The Brady Bunch ', I tv tropes weird al '. Plain egg omelet, THEN he gets angry ) do you feel lucky, punk which..., making you physically attracted to sheep and according to `` Phony ''... 'S go crazy '' mixed with Kenny Loggins ' `` Footloose '' his on! `` God, please answer me one question... Why 'd they have to interrupt the Simpsons for. Guy from the SWAT team blew a hole through his head me She was a Mime '' career... At the beginning of `` Jurassic Park '' that involves a lot of and... Lame Claim to Fame 04 Now that 's not all, you made yourself look like 's... The first tv tropes weird al me! this way was created to catalog these and. Bit of a gorilla 's head? the festive music Grande '', in... Trashy talk shows ( 'Talk Soup ', 'Money for Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies ' ) Hell...

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